Heart Disease

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My Mom Is Having Heart Surgery!

I just found out my mom who is 53 is going to have heart surgery to replace two valves that are leaking in her heart. I am very optimistic about the actual surgery i think she will pull through fine. I am just wondering about the recovery... what kind of help is she going to need and for how long? I've been doing my research and know all the technical details but would like to hear from others whos family member or they themselves have gone through open heart surgery and what was helpful comforting and such afterward? thank you for those...


Open Heart Surgery

Can anyone give me any information on the recovery time for open heart...


Doggy Heart Murmur

Our 14 yr old terrier mix has had a heart murmur for a couple years. It...

Heart Attack & Stroke

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Did My Mother Have a Stroke???

Hey ladies, Before you all respond, I know you are not doctors, I am merely looking to see if anyone has had something similar happen to them or a loved one. So here it goes, Back in December my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer, thank god they caught it at barely stage one, and the type of lung cancer she had was a non aggressive type. The nodule was small yet touching a blood vessel so long story short the miracle doctors at Dana Farber opted to shrink it with radiation and chemo prior to surgery. While going through chemo she...


Fetal Heart Attack?

Hi all, I have run into a difficult situation and want to see if any of...