Bronchitis & Bronchiolitis

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L.H. asks from Cleveland

Hi :) Are there any moms out there who's baby has had bronchialitis? My baby was hospitalized for 48 hours in January and after a week and a half of medication, t...


Acute Bronchitis

A.P. asks from Austin

My son had a cold that turned into Croup Cough, now it has turned into Acute Bronchitis. We have not brought him into the doctor or the hospital. I spoke with his doc...



K.O. asks from New York

Hi moms- My 5 month old had developed bronchiolitis. She is really stuffy and keeps coughing. As a result she's not sleeping well. I know that it's a virus and we m...


2 1/2 Month Old with Bronchiolitis

M.T. asks from Oklahoma City

I'm not sure if I spelled it right, but we took my 2 month old to the doctor with a very bad cold and cough. He said she had bronchiolitis. Can anyone tell me what I ...


Help Soothe Infant Bronchitis

D.D. asks from Detroit

My son was discharged from the hospital today with acute bronchitis. He is 18 months and is having a hard time breathing. He is also refusing to eat anything. Any ...



Y.P. asks from Port St. Lucie

hi just wondering if anyone has advice or home remedies for bronchitis for 22 month old. thanx



L.C. asks from Portland

Are there any mom's that have young kids with acute or chronic bronchitis? My 20 month old was diagnosed today with it. I would like info on how to deal with this ...



D.M. asks from Killeen

Does anybody know of anything to help w/ the symptoms of bronchitis, besides nasal sprays & antibiotics? My daughter has taken a round of zithromax & prednisone & is...



K.P. asks from Seattle

My doctor diagnosed me with Bronchitis last week. I thought I was getting better but had no ide now irritating the coughing part of it would be. The coughing is ge...



S.T. asks from Fort Wayne

My 7 month old daughter was diagnosed with bronchitis just yesterday. Her Doctor said that there was nothing we could do for it. She said that it will get worse befor...