Skin Problems

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Sick of My Skin!

Anyone has any ideas or products that work well for acne? I had a lot of skin trouble after my first child and ended up having to spend a fortune to see a dermatologist. Now that the 2nd has come along so has my acne. I am planning on breastfeeding for as long as I can and the products the dermatologist had me on I can not use. I would like to find a product that works and is not too harsh on the skin as the prescription products. Any ideas?


Lighten My Skin

Ok I have tried ALOT of stuff and my husband has been very pateint but this...


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If It Is Not a Zit What Is It

I have a place where my lobe meets my face that feels like it has a zit head in it. It is the area right next to my face. It is pea sized and runs from the front of my ear to the back of my ear. It has been there a month and a half and has not headed up yet. so if it is not a zit what is it. I put acne medication on it daily. I use a daily face wash, stridex, and a cream for acne by avon. any ideas


Acne and Preteen

My 12 year old daughter has hit the age of acne. She has started to break...

Dry Skin

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Any Suggestions for Severely Dry and Cracked Skin..?

Hi Moms, My husband has really neglected his FEET! I had no idea they were this bad. He has such cracked skin on the bottoms of his feet, especially in the heel area. Does anyone have suggestions on a home care regimen.. and products for this? I get pedicures a few times a year and they do all of that at the salon. He really doesn't want to get a pedicure and I'm getting worried about how bad they are. HELP!!

Eczema & Hives

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Advice on Excema

My daugher has recently developed excema. I have not taken her to the peds as I know that it is excema but how to treat it? My doctor is not someone that hands out medicine or creams so thought and see if there were any alternative methods. I have not changed my detergent lately either.


Fever and Hives

My 2.5 yr old son has had a 101-102 fever all day, and random splotches of...


Pedialyte and Hives

My almost 3 yr old had some Pedialyte a few days ago (first and only time...


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Seeking Advice About Impetigo

I am looking for advice about impetigo. Has any one else dealt with this? It is all over my 6 m. old daughter's face. This is the second time she has had it. What did you do to get rid of it and keep it away? Conventional and alternative methods are sought. Thanks!


Help with Impetigo

my 18 month keeps getting impetigo around his mouth. I don't understand why...


3 y.o. With Impetigo

My 3 y.o. has been diagnosed with impetigo on his bump. He had a rash for 4...


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Rosacea After Baby

Hi Moms- I am desperate for a solution. I was diagnosed with Rosacea, and given Metrogel to use. I haven't noticed an improvement, it's been a month. I am looking for any kind of remedy, or dietary advice. When I look on the web the information is overwhelming and conflicting. I have seen some literature on the connection between Rosacea and aspartame, so I am trying to quit drinking diet cokes (that is my only vice!). Has anyone else found success with eliminating asparatame or any other item from diet, to help manage Rosacea? Thanks!!


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Scar on Face

Has anyone ever tried an OTC scar medicine? My 6 year old daughter has a scar on her face, thanks to a toy and her sister. I have healed the cut as best as I can, but she now she is left with a scar. I know they make OTC medicine, but wanted to check to see if anyone has used these? Do they work? Which one do you like best? Thanks for your help!


Treatment for a Scar

Hi Moms! Hope you can help. My son (23 mos.) had a climbing accident last...


Scar on Cheek

My 3 year old daughter got scratched on the cheek about 1/2 inch long by her...

Sensitive Skin

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Skin Care Routine for Sensitive Skin

I am so clueless about beauty stuff. I've been using Noxema since I was 12. I'm now 37 and I have no idea what to do to fix my skin. I get clogged pores and pimples -- my skin is worse now than it was when I was younger. Anything I try (even organic stuff) seems to make my skin either break out or dry out within a few days. I currently do Noxema, remove it with a washcloth for a little exfoliation, then use witch hazel as a toner, and coconut oil as a moisturizer. This is OK but I feel like skin care must have improved since my grandmother...

Skin Cancers

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Skin Tag on Ear

Hi Mamas, My 19 month old son was born with a skin tag on his ear. I consulted with an ENT today, and he said it was a routine procedure to remove it, however, required my son to use anesthesia. I'm debating whether putting my baby under is worth the removal. He said it was low risk procedure. Have any of you ever done this before? Why and why not? How was your child through the process and recovery? What have you been told about the risks of removing it versus the risks of not? Thanks for sharing your experiences.


Removing a Skin Tag

Anyone know how I can safely remove a skin tag I developed on my chest...


Could This Be Cancer?

I have a wart, mold looking thing on my eyelid. I started "growing" it about...


Skin Tag Removal

I just had a skin tag removed. I am in a bit of discomfort. I'm going to...

Warts & Moles

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My Daughter Has a Wart :(

My 7yo daughter has had a bump on the underside of her wrist for a while now. At her well visit I asked the doctor about it and he said that it is a wart. He said we could leave it alone, try an over the counter remedy or have it frozen off in the dr's office (but that would be a bit painful). It doesn't seem to bother her and she doesn't know the stigma behind warts but I would like it gone. Occasionally she'll pick at it until it bleeds a little. I definitely don't want to put her thru anything painful. I also don't want to make a big...


Yearly Skin Exams?

I was told by a dermatologist that people should typically go for yearly...