"Mature" Skin and Mineral Makeup?

Updated on July 18, 2009
S.W. asks from La Crosse, WI
8 answers

I am 42 years old and so have a few wrinkles starting here and there. I also have some scarring due to acne as a youth. I read many wonderful things about mineral makeup on a recent post, but am not sure if it would look good on "maturing" skin or skin that is not smooth to begin with. I have never tried it but it seems like it is powder based? Would it look dry or cakey, do you think? Thanks for your time!

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So What Happened?

Thank you ladies! I can't wait to try the makeup. I have decided to treat myself!


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answers from Milwaukee on

yes... mineral makeup is awesome! It will help too if you have well hydrated skin. I find if my skin is dry it tends to look powdery. Exfoliate and keep your skin well moisturized :)



answers from Madison on

I started using it several months ago to try it out because I hated how liquid foundation just seemed to settle in my pores and I could always see the makeup. The mineral stuff makes my skin look smoother without it looking like obvious makeup.

Mineral makeup is wonderful for all ages and skin types! Avon has a line of mineral makeup (www.youravon.com/hdampf) as well as a 100% guarantee on everything so if you get it and don't like it you can always get a refund or exchange with no problem.



answers from Minneapolis on

It totally blends into your skin it doesn't "sit" on it because it does not contain talc. It doesn't settle into your wrinkles and accentuate them. It makes your skin look wonderful.



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I am 40 y.o. with wrinkles also and I have the "T" zone. I went about a month ago and had a make-over with Bare Essentials (my teenage daughter was shopping with her friends so I knew I had plenty of time to waste). I did not tell my husband or my daughter and her friends what I was going to do and when I was finished I went and looked for them. All of their eyes became huge and my daughter asked me where I was because "mom you look great". All of her friends stated this too. When I arrived home my husband looked at me and smiled and said "I looked natural and beautiful". I do wear make-up (blush, cover-up, mascara, lipstick all from Cover Girl, Loreal etc...). The bottom line is mineral make-up, to me, wins above and beyond any cosmetics out there--you look so natural and no it does not cake up and I work as a nurse at a clinic so there is no time to "refresh" your make-up and with mineral make-up you do not have to. The downfall is - it is expensive, however, alittle goes a long way. I am saving up to buy more cover-up and that is just me because I am the type to take money away from the family for something personal for me-even though this drives my husband crazy. I defiantely say go for it. Do like I did--go the Mall of America give them your name and have them do a make-over, they write down all products they use and the best part is they do not make you feel like you have to buy their products. The make-over is free too. Check it out and Good Luck



answers from Minneapolis on

I have two older sisters who use bare escentuals and they love it. It has spf in the powder to prevent more damage. I have to admit they both look beautiful and really glow when I see them



answers from Minneapolis on

It looks great on all all ages and skin types! My mom who is 58 uses it, (I got her hooked) she and I (me 38) have sun damaged skin from years of living on the lake. I am able to fade out sun spots, freckles and a scar from a mole that was removed.

I found it at Sephora in Ridgedale they also have stores in Eden Prairie Center in the JC Penney and MOA.

Right now until May 11 at Ulta stores you can get a 9pc. starter kit for $60.00 (a $165.00 value. You get 2 foundations, all over face color-warmth, mineral veil, face brush, concealer brush,buki brush, and a how to DVD.

Where ever you go have someone do a demonstration on you so you get the right shade for your skin tone and teach you how to use the minerals and brushes.



answers from Milwaukee on

Hi S.:
I hope you're enjoying the mineral makeup. If you're interested in getting started on some good skin care products to help slow down the signs of aging and help with the acne scarring, I'd love to treat you to some complimentary samples of a natural skin care line, called L'Bri Pure n' Natural. It's an aloe-vera based skin care line that contains vitamins, minerals, herbs and botanicals. They have a product called Time Erase that works amazing on reducing the appearance of acne scars - I've been using it myself for over 4 years and you would never know that I had the kind of acne I did as a teenager. contact me if you'd like me to mail you some complimentary samples and feel free to check out my website at suenelson.lbri.com.
S. N.



answers from Minneapolis on

There is a store in the mall of america where you can can along and try it out so you would get to see what it looks like on your skin and how it feels.
I can't remember the name but i'll have a look and post the store in a bit


I found it


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