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Updated on August 21, 2017
M.C. asks from Noblesville, IN
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I was diagnosed with rosacea years ago, and it was under control for most of that time. Recently though, I've had alot of trouble with breakouts. I use Metrogel daily, and that helps a little bit. I've been on and off low dose antibiotics to try to get it under control, but am still having trouble with daily breakouts. I've been using Aveeno Ultra Calming Mosturizer, and that sometimes helps, but not always. My breakouts are most frequent on my forehead, especially between my eyebrows, and it itches. Anyone else have any good homeopathic treatment for rosacea?

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the advice! Seems like Arbonne is what I need to try, and I agree that this is definitely stress related as one Mom said. I'll follow up and try your suggestions. You all a great!

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answers from Evansville on

M. -

I would highly recommend Arbonne's Intelligence and ABC Baby products -- both highly recommended in helping rosacea. Let me know if you need more information.

L. L.

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answers from South Bend on

Dr. John Lee (gynocologist)has written on many skin issues including Rosacea. He quotes: "Rosacea is a rose-colored, flaking inflamation of skin,usually on the face symmetrically adjacent to the nose and forehead, and sometimes with itching. It tends to be chronic and recurring. It's cause is unknown, but I have seen it well controlled with Vitamin B12 injections. Cortisone creams suppress the inflammation but do not cure rosacea. Continued use of fluoridated cortisone preparations result in atrophy of skin cells with permanent detrimental results. My patients using topical progesterone, who happened to have Rosacea, have applied the cream directly to affected skin areas and report excellent results,though I don't know what the mechanism of action could be."
For a better understanding of the plenethora of benefits of natural progesterone, I would recommend his book " What Your Doctor may not have Told You about Premenopause" It is a must read for any woman between the ages of 30 to 50. He has one out on menopause too which is where I found the
quote. Keep looking for a simple answer. I'll be praying for you.



answers from Indianapolis on

I don't have an answer for you, but wanted to say that you may not get a lot of response this weekend so try again Monday if you don't get the help you're looking for.



answers from Cleveland on

Hi M.,
There are couple of different things that you can do to diminish the signs of Rosacea. As a BeautiControl Consultant (BeautiControl is a company that specializes in spa treatments, personalized skincare and anti-aging treatments)I have helped many women keep their Rosacea at bay. We have a color primer (apply before your make up for an even finish) that is green or yellow (depending on your Rosacea coloring and severity) that will help mask the reddish color in the skin. Also, several of my clients have found that our sensitive line of skincare has really helped take the buring sensation and redness out of their skin. I would be happy to help you on a an individual basis because I am not 100% sure of all of your needs. Please feel free to contact with any questions or concerns. I look forward to helping you get the skin that you want and deserve.
Thank you for your time and have a great day,



answers from Cleveland on

Hi M.! I'm sorry to hear about your rosacea. I have heard that Arbonne has some great products that have helped keep it under control. Their Re9 line is fabulous to say the least! Check out their website at Good luck!



answers from Toledo on

You could try using hydracortizone cream to help with the itching and inflammation. As far as skin care goes, avoid using cleansers with sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate, and also avoid shampoo with this chemical. It is harsh and irritating to many people. Rinse with warm to cool water, not hot. Try to avoid scalding hot showers. Lavender essential oil is calming to sensitive skin. A moisturizer with zinc oxide would also be calming. Google to find out what foods to avoid also. Generally the less ingredients listed in your skin care the better. Avoid anything grainy, like scrubs and microdermabrasion, and avoid chemical peels. Also avoid alcohol and fragrance in products.



answers from Columbus on

Hi M. - I have mild rosacea as well. Stress and my liquid makeup were the biggest culprits along with wind. I started using mineral makeup and have had virtually NO problem with it since then. I'm still stressed sometimes as anyone is, but I try to manage it with exercise, etc. As far as the wind goes, I have a really gentle moisturizer that I wear under the mineral makeup and it has helped a bit. I use scarves much more now in the winter than I used to. Good luck!



answers from Cincinnati on

I know this sounds like the typical doctor answer, but it has helped me. Watch your diet. I have the same problem that you do -- I have used all kinds of creams, gels, and ointments. I also take the antibiotics. When the break outs start I know that I have not been watching my diet. My doctor says to watch 4 things -- NO caffeine (pop or chocolate), NO peanuts or peanut butter, NO shellfish (shrimp), and watch the amount of dairy that you eat. So when my chin and jawline start to break out I know I have had to much of something in these catagories. I love potato chips! I thought that the grease from the chips caused my face to break out, but when I told my doctor that he asked me to read the package. Turns out those chips were cooked in "peanut" oil! The other thing that bothers my break outs is stress. I know that during the holiday season I am in for more break outs because I love the holiday foods, and the season is stressful for me. I wish you good luck and beautiful skin for the holidays.



answers from Dayton on

I don't know of any homeopathic treatment, but I had a pretty mild case and used to use Metrogel before I got pregnant, then stopped. While I was pregnant, the rosacea essentially went away. It hasn't returned since the baby's birth a year ago. (Maybe something hormonal?) Anyway, I use Cetaphil gentle cleanser every day, and that really seems mild and good for cleansing, and I use Kiehl's ultra moisturizer with SPF ( and that seems good, too. Good luck! Thanks for posting--I look forward to seeing if anyone has any other suggestions.



answers from Cleveland on

Some great answers here. I agree with arbonne. My friend has rosacea all her life and arbonne has helped her so much. There is a before and after of another lady at I believe you can email on that site to get a sample of their products too.
Good luck.. and if you have any questions feel free to PM me.
OH just saw someone talk about Dr Lee. I totally agree. I have been on Arbonnes natural progestrone cream. It helps with so much. My mom gave me a Drs article on it. If anyone wants the article just let me know [email protected]



answers from Atlanta on

Dermalmd rosacea serum excellent product to help keep rosacea under control. My Doctor wanted me to take antibiotic for the rest of my life! I declined and was so happy to find dermalmd rosacea serum. Living in hot, sunny Florida can be a nightmare for rosacea but Redness serum has been a wonderful find for me. I love keeping it in the fridge and the coolness of the product helps stop the advance of the rosacea. I would not be without this serum! I highly recommend it using dermalmd rosacea serum as it is a great healthy alternative to antibiotics!

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