Skin Problem with My Toddler

Updated on March 28, 2009
R.M. asks from Mesa, AZ
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I read a similar question today, but wanted to ask my own.

my 14-month-old daughter has had what appears to be some sort of rash on her arms and legs for the past few months. it doesn't seem to bother her in the least. sometimes it's red, but mostly it's skin-colored, and is rather patchy and rough.
when I first noticed it, I thought it might be ringworm. it was just one patch. but it's spread. like I said, it doesn't seem to bother her at all. there are no other symptoms whatsoever.
could this be eczema? could it be a reaction to something in the laundry detergent? could it be her clothes? i'm at a loss.
we don't have health insurance at this point to get her checked, so i've been putting MSM lotion on her after every bath, and any other time I can remember to do so, hoping it will help. (MSM lotion is VERY good for the skin and is all-natural.)

any other suggestions?

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for your responses. It sounds to me like what she has IS Keratosis Pilaris. I have been putting MSM lotion on her arms and legs whenever I think about it, and it seems to be helping a lot!
I may very well be the hereditary carrier of this skin condition and just never realized it. thank you all for your advice and suggestions.

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answers from San Francisco on

Hi R.,
I agree with the other mom who said it sounds like Keratosis Pilaris. My 18 month old was diagnosed with it over the summer. She has it on her arms and legs and is not bothered by it all either. Eczema would be itchy. Right now I wash her with Mustela milky bath oil (you can get it a BabiesRUs) to help keep her skin moisturized and then lather her with lotion afterwards. KP tends to be worse in the winter and gets better in the summer. I've put a humidifier in her room. I also buy only 100% cotton clothes. Having said all that, it's a hereditary condition though, so not caused by anything we're doing or using. After it was diagnosed with my daughter, I started asking family about it. Turns out my husband has had little bumps on his arms since he was a child that he never paid much attention to and his nephew has it too. For my daughter, some days it covers a larger part of her arms and legs, some days less, some days it's red, some days it's skin colored, some days it's not there... Good luck!



answers from San Francisco on

could be exzyma. my son has it and flares up when its hot. we use derma smooth which the dr prescribed for us and also aveeno. seems to work just fine. i have used that cetaphil creme and it does not work at all on him, but the soap we do use and it works fine for him.



answers from Redding on

Hi R.,

That sounds exactly like what my son had, it turned out to be excema. I use all Melaleuca products in my home. They are safe for newborns and up and great for sensitive skin. Fro the excema we use Renew lotion. It is the best lotion on the planet and the last one we will ever use! You have to be a member to order trhough them, but it is free to join through the end of this month through my team. If you are interested in more details feel free to email me or call me ###-###-####. Everything is RISK FREE, guarenteed, adn you get $100 in FREE products jsut for trying them out!The renew lotion if one of the free products you get to try your 1st month. Hope that helps!!




answers from Sacramento on

You might check into Molluscum pictures online to see if that could be it. Our son had it for about a year. It's one that isn't itchy but looks bad and spreads. It just clears on its own over time.



answers from San Francisco on

It could be any of the things you mentioned (though from your description I don't think its eczema). It could also be KP (keratosis pilaris) something I have been dealing with all my life. It's the over production of keratin in the skin that causes little bumps that can be normal skin color to bright red. It's very common (especially with girls) and there really isn't a whole lot to be done other than keep the skin well moisturized and exfoliated (though at your daughter's age you can't do any strong exfoliation.) You can try changing detergents and soaps to see if that helps but if it doesn’t seem to bother her and she has no other symptoms of an infection I would continue to moisturize and talk to a doctor about it when you can. Good luck and if you would like any more information about KP feel free to send me a private message.



answers from San Francisco on

It sounds like eczema. My son has it as well. It really flares up when we have the heater on a lot in the house. I have tried hundreds of dollars in creams and lotions. The best thing for it is Cetaphyl cream like twice a day.

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