Fever and Hives

Updated on January 21, 2012
K.L. asks from Woodland, CA
5 answers

My 2.5 yr old son has had a 101-102 fever all day, and random splotches of hives. The hives come and go, on his chest and back, and now around his eyes.

Tylenol and motrin are helping the fever, but the bumpy, red, hot hives are bugging him! Benadryl doesn't seem to be helping. His eyes are itching him like crazy, and its all I can do to stop him from scratching.

He isn't out of sorts otherwise, and I put a call into his pediatrician. I haven't gotten a call back yet. Any remedies for hives, or advice from mamas whom have experienced their littles with these hives plus a fever???

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answers from Kansas City on

Zyrtec is what they suggest for hives if it is hives and although it won't help the fever it should make him feel better. I just had a 'bug' and got splotches like hives and the Zyrtec helped with that. I think maybe it's allergy though but check with his age first to see if it's okay to give him. Is it like a fine L. rash of bumps and also red splotches? That's what I had and after the Zyrtec for a few days it's gone...for good I hope. Hope he gets better soon.

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answers from Phoenix on

OTC children's zyrtec works so much better on hives than benedryl. You can check with the pharmacist but I think zyrtec is OK to take with the fever-reducing meds. It worked on our daughter when we gave up on the benedryl.

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answers from Sacramento on

Sorry to hear your son is sick. My son had hives and a fever when he was about 10 months old. The doctor said that virally-induced hives like that are common which was news to me. I had never heard of it. For my son, the hives lasted ~4 days and the worst of the irritation (though not the redness) was controlled with benedryl. Other than that, we put cool compresses on his skin to control the itchiness and we tried to distract him as much as we could. Good luck and don't hesitate to take him to the doctor if you're concerned. Make sure he's breathing normally!

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answers from St. Louis on

benadryl worked wonders for my son. Zyrtec was his daily maintenance drug....so it didn't have much affect on him. & yes, the dr okayed him taking both simultaneously, but he was 4 at the time.

Aveeno Oatmeal Bath will help, too.



answers from Portland on

I suggest that he has a virus and not hives. Allergies do not cause a fever. Perhaps even chicken pox. Was he vaccinated? If so and if he has chicken pox it will be mild.

Cortisone cream directly applied may help with the itching. Or Calamine lotion.

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