Dry Skin

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Dry Skin

J.M. asks from Atlanta

Okay Ladies, Im orginially from California and have been in Georiga for two years now. My skin right now is so DRY. My hands are cracking and bleeding. I was just wo...


Dry Skin

E.G. asks from Daytona Beach

We live in dry central Florida and play in the pool water and the beach, any suggestions for something to keep my skin from being so dry and my hair healthy?


Dry Skin

J.S. asks from Philadelphia

I lotion my entire body daily and overall have very healthy skin. However, after having my first child 2 years ago my hands and feet are so, so dry. Any recommendat...


Cracked Heels

N.A. asks from Dallas

Good Afternoon, i cant seem to get rid of my cracked heels!!! I exfoliate once a week, ive tried scrubs and soaks does anyone have any suggestions? TIA


Any Suggestions for Severely Dry and Cracked Skin..?

P.P. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, My husband has really neglected his FEET! I had no idea they were this bad. He has such cracked skin on the bottoms of his feet, especially in the heel area...


Dry Skin

G.R. asks from Dallas

Iam looking for some products for very very dry skin Any of you know a good body lotion and soap free soap for dry skin? thank you!!!!!!! G.*****


Suggestions for Dry Skin

T.S. asks from Philadelphia

I have really bad dry winter skin... my hands are always dry and what's worse is my face is very dry and flaky. I put lotion on it all the time but I have that dry fl...


Cracked and Peeling Skin on Feet

M.C. asks from Detroit

A friend of mine came over this evening and while we were chilling, she asked me what to do about the skin on her feet. The skin is cracked and she is peeling it off...


Cracked Painful Skin Issues

A.T. asks from San Antonio

My two year old has a patch of dry, cracked and painful skin right behind only one of her ears. There are little red bumps and its even crusty. This has been going on...


Skin Condition or Just Dry Skin?

L.Z. asks from Chicago

Hi moms! My 21 month old daughter has patches of rough skin on her arms and legs. It's barely visible (sometimes slightly red), but you can definitely feel it when ...