What Is Wrong with My Skin?!?

Updated on November 15, 2012
L.M. asks from Austin, TX
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I'm sorry this is kind of gross, but I need an anonymous forum because I'm embarrassed about this! I'll try to make this as short as possible. I've started getting little bumps on the undersides of my forearms, and it has progressed to the tops of my forearms, my face (primarily my chin and forehead), and today the backs of my hands. I thought at first it was dry winter skin, but the bumps kept showing up in more places. Also they are itchy sometimes. I did try Curel cream, not lotion, but that hasn't seemed to help--still getting worse. On my face, it looks like a breakout, but it's not. I also had a cut on my ankle that, I'm mortified to admit, but I have been picking at and have had for over 3 years. I know it's disgusting, and now it's this big red area that won't seem to heal because I can't stop picking at it, and what's more, now it itches sometimes, too! So it's never-ending. I try and try not to pick at it, I put on anti-itch cream and Neosporin, then I can't seem to help myself. I'm hoping if I can just stop messing with it for long enough, it will heal and I can use Mederma or something to get rid of the scar, but I wonder if it caused the bumps I'm developing all over my body. Maybe I gave myself a skin infection? I'm too embarrassed to go to a dermatologist, so I was hoping to get some advice here and make that my last resort! Thank you in advance!
Update! Um y'all are too nice, seriously. I'm embarrassed because I've been picking at a scab for over 3 years! Maybe y'all read over that part... I did have minor psoriasis once, but it was on my earlobes, elbows, and knees, and this does not look the same...

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answers from Dallas on

Go to the dermatologist and get to the root of the issue.

Don't be ashamed... you need help and they are there to help, not judge you.

I wouldn't be putting anything on my skin until I saw a Dr. and knew what was going on. As far scar relief, when and if you manage to get the cut well, vitamin E oil is great for scars. Use it regularly and it will help.

Good luck.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Could this be scabies?
That won't go away without a prescription.
There's no need for you to suffer like this. Please see a doctor ASAP!

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answers from Cleveland on

oh please don't be embarrassed, I mean i get that way too but you just have to suck it up and go let them help you. I"m sure they have seen it all.

compared to the question on here once about how someone could remove a foreign object from their nether reigions, a little skin bump is nothing.

but if you are forcing me to play dr, My first guess would be an allergy/sensitivity, have you used a different soap or detergent something like that?
the scary guess would be yes maybe you have given yourself some sort of infection and you might need to go and see if you need antibiotics.

have you tried butting a bandaid on your sore to see if that helps you leave it alone?

good luck to you.

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answers from Philadelphia on

Don't be embarrassed. Go see a dermatologist. They've seen far worse than what you'll show them. It's best to get to the bottom of this, and unfortunately, there's not much info we can give you here.

I had some skin issues (luckily quite minor and mostly pimple-related, but annoying nevertheless). For years, I tried to fix it with OTC stuff. I *finally* saw a dermatologist. She gave me stuff that cleared up my skin in ONE WEEK. And my skin has been perfect ever since. So they know what they're doing.

Trust me, if everyone had perfect skin, dermatologists would be out of a job. They exist specifically for folks like us to go see them about our skin problems. Go make that appointment.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I'm guessing something like eczema or psoriasis, maybe allergy related, but you need to see a dermatologist. I'm not sure why you are embarrassed - this is what dermatologists do.

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answers from Austin on

Frankly, you need to see the doctor to see why you won't let that sore on your ankle heal.....

There may be more going on with that than you realize......

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answers from Boca Raton on

I kept waiting for some bombshell TMI question (we have read some real doozeys here) . . . I didn't see any problem with your post! I'm not sure why you're embarrassed!

It sounds like psoriasis or some other skin issue to me, too. I'd definitely seek out a dermatologist and probably an alternative health care provider (that's just me though).

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answers from Las Vegas on

You'd be surprise to know that Dermatologist have seen it all. UNLESS, this is something totally rare.. Maybe you have something as simple as dermatitis, which is easily cured.. It might just even be a skin fungus.. Most of that stuff can be taken care of with topical ointment and antibiotics. I don't like taking meds but in a case where you have had something for three year, you may really want to bite the bullet and go to the doctors..

A few years back, I kept getting these little red bumps around my eyes that would spread and sometimes itch. Because they would come and go but never really completely go away, I waited almost a year before visiting the doctor. Turns out, it was Blepharitis.. which is very easily cured. I took some meds for a week and used topical cream....... and BAM relief....... I should have never waited...

keep us posted

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answers from Seattle on

You MUST see a doctor about the sore on your heal. Seriously! You can get very, very ill if you don't take care of it - it's almost a miracle that you have not yet.
The bumps you describe remind me of molluscum contagiosum the way you describe them spreading. But it could as well be an infection.

You don't need to wait for an appointment with a dermatologist, your primary care doctor should be able to help with both.
Good luck.


answers from Washington DC on

I would definitely go to a dermatologist. Don't be embarrassed! Believe me they have seen it all and will not think anything of it. I just went to see my dermatologist today because my eczema was out of control. It had become so bad that I didn't even want to leave my house because it hurt so bad. If it is bothering you I urge you to get help. I have tried managing my skin issues on my own for the last several weeks and out of desperation went for help today and am glad I did. Best of luck to you!



answers from Portland on

We are not doctors. Go to a dermatologist, now. I would especially be concerned about the cut that hasn't healed for 3 years. That could be very serious.

Why are you embarrassed to see a dermatologist? You have done nothing wrong. And,,, they are there for you to see. Can you imagine no one every going to a dermatologist? You're just like everyone else who needs help with a skin condition.

Mederma did not cause the bumps all over your skin. And side affect from it would show up only on the skin on which you applied it.

Make an appointment with the dermatologist!


answers from Beaumont on

Go to a dermatologist. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. They have seen everything. I had emphatigo and staff infection on my face last year, something that I picked up at school. Oh and lice. I am a teacher. JUst get over yourself and go to the doctor. You probably need a specific antibiotic. Could be serious.



answers from Chicago on

The first thing that comes to mind is a staph infection, especially given the fact that you have had a wound that has remained open (and our nails are often full of staph bacteria so if you are picking it...) Staph is harmless until it gets into the body from an open wound. The staph could be part of the reason why the cut won't heal. Get to a dr. soon, you don't want to mess with staph! They can give you antibiotic cream and/or oral antibiotics and you will be good to go!


answers from San Antonio on

Sounds like it might be scabies. If I were you, I would make an appt. with my dr. ASAP!!!!



answers from Austin on

This sounds like allergies. My friends kids get red bumps all over their arms and face. It looks like big chigger bites or zits all over them. Its allergies. I personally get blisters on my hands because of allergies. My dermatologist told me to take Claratin and it would go away. So, I did and all my blisters went away. If I go one day without taking it my hands blister. Its so weird how allergies can cause this but I am pretty sure that is what you have going on. I bought generic Claratin from Walmart since its less expensive. My dermatologist wrote a presciption for some cream that did not work and with my insurance it was 100 dollars. What a waste of money. Claratin is the only thing that works for me and my friends kids. Hope this helps you!

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