Rosacea While Pregnant

Updated on April 23, 2009
J.D. asks from Las Vegas, NV
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Hi, I am 31 weeks pregnant and have developed Rosacea on the tip of my nose. It is a dark red/purple and very embarrassing. I have never had this before. Is there a reason I am getting this now? What can I do to make it go away that won't harm my baby. Please help.

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So What Happened?

I want to thank everyone so much for their advice on my Rosacea while Pregnant. I am so glad to have this website and other moms to ask for advice. Thanks Again! Happy Mother's Day to Everyone!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I agree with just putting concealer on it. I wouldn't recommend any other products on it until after the baby is born. If you plan on breastfeeding, I personally would wait until after that, too.

Mary Kay has a yellow concealer that neutralizes redness. I know yellow sounds kind of strange, but you'd be amazed how well it blends into many skin tones! If you'd like a sample, I can send one to you...

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There is a lotion called Skin Rescue Cream by Max Green Alchemy. I've seen it at some stores like Mother's or you can order it online. It's all natural and something to use to help out before you are able to use a prescription cream on your skin.



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Dear J.:

No WAY! Yet another weird pregancy thing...I thought I had them all! Just so you know, one day you'll laugh about these things but for right now, I know it sucks and I'm so sorry.

If I were you, I'd use a concealer like this one: As a matter of fact, I wish I'd known about that one during my first pregancy when I got a dark patch of melasma shaped like a BEARD right under my bottom lip! It was ridiculous! I used regular make-up but the concealer would've been better.

Best wishes, J.!




answers from Los Angeles on

Hi J.,

Please know that I am so glad you are concerned for what you place on your body and realize that it only takes 20 seconds to reach your vital organs so perhaps even your sweet baby! Years ago we didn't even worry about such things.

All this to say, take heart- give me a call or see my website on PURE, SAFE and Beneficial solutions with Savings. ( My top client and friend uses one of our lines (RE-9 Nutrimin) and she said it was the first that worked on her skin but we also have others who use our ABC Baby Care line for themselves. (If gentle and safe for them then great for us).

Hope to hear from you soon,




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Hi J.

Sorry to hear about your rosacea.... I have a mild version and have found several things that help and hinder!

Don't wash your face with hot water.... this makes it much worse! Only use lukewarm or cold. This also means that lots of steamy hot baths will make it worse too.

The sun really triggers it for me. Make sure you put on lots of sunscreen if going out in sunny weather.

They say alcohol makes it much worse but I guess being pregnant that's not it for you!

There is a really great skin care company called MyChelle - everything they make is so pure you could eat it (literally!) no chemicals whatsoever, and they do a wonderful calming serum for rosacea which I use:

They have great customer service so if you phone them they would be able to confirm if it was all right for you to use. Many stores like whole foods carry their range but I find it cheaper on line.

I hope this helps and all the best of luck!




answers from Santa Barbara on

Hi J.,
I would go see a dermatologist. I developed rosacea ( I thought it was acne) around age 50. I use a prescribed cream 2x a day on the area, and it keeps it controlled. There are also some tips to look at ( like if when you have a flare up it's after eating something in particular). I don't think my diet affects mine at all.



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I use a product line called Eminence that works well. Although I don't have rosacea I've read many testimonials from those who do and they love the results. It's a bit pricey though but my skin has never looked or felt better. I'm 34 years-old and my skin looks like it did when I was 24. Believe me, that's not natural. Here's a link to a distributor in WA state

Good luck!



answers from Las Vegas on

Generally a GREEN touch up stick works best. The green minimizes the red. Then apply a small amount of powder. Don't use too much or you will look green. You can find them at any drugstore.



answers from Los Angeles on

It could be just because your pregnant.. Ive heard of pregnant ladies who get a bunch of little beauty marks or those annoying little skin tags all over there body, and then after the baby is born they just magically go away on its own. So maybe thats what will happen with your rosacea, maybe after you have the baby it will go away.

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