Warts & Moles

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Mole Removal

K.D. asks from Dallas

I really want to get a mole removed. Several years ago, I had it checked and the Dr said my skin would probably scar (it is on my face). I was wondering if anyone h...


Facial Wart

A.H. asks from Washington DC

My 6 year old daughter has a wart above her upper lip...her pediatrician said to get wart remover and that should do...but all of the wart removers indicate DO NOT US...


Skin Tags

L.A. asks from Austin

Ugh, getting old sure does bring surprises.. I am getting skin tags on my torso.. Can I remove them myself? I have surgical scissors. Have you all done this you...


Skin Tags

N.G. asks from Dallas

I have at least seven skin tags on my neck, back, shoulders & chest. I accidentally got one stuck on a lace cami last year and pulled it off (ow!) and it grew back. ...


Skin Tags

S.H. asks from Dallas

I have a large skin tag and I wanted to know if anyone knows of a product that helps remove them. Any other alternate methods would be greatly appreciated. I have no ...


My Daughter Has a Wart :(

R.P. asks from Orlando

My 7yo daughter has had a bump on the underside of her wrist for a while now. At her well visit I asked the doctor about it and he said that it is a wart. He said we ...


Yearly Skin Exams?

R.W. asks from New York

I was told by a dermatologist that people should typically go for yearly skin exams. Is this really what people do? I have never went for a full skin work up before. ...


A Skin Condition - Molluscum Contagiosum

V.M. asks from Norfolk

I am wondering if any mothers out there has dealt with a skin condition referred to as molluscum contagiosum on there child? My son has had this skin condition for ap...


"Mature" Skin and Mineral Makeup?

S.W. asks from Green Bay

I am 42 years old and so have a few wrinkles starting here and there. I also have some scarring due to acne as a youth. I read many wonderful things about mineral m...


Getting Rid of Skin Tags

S.L. asks from Grand Junction

I have never had skin tags until I got pregnant and now I have them in the strangest spots. Under my arms and around my chest where my bra strap goes (around my rib c...