Skin Care Problems for Mom

Updated on July 29, 2010
D.S. asks from Fletcher, NC
14 answers

Before I had my daughter I had great skin that needed very little work done to it. Now that I've had her I swear the total chemistry of my skin has changed! I'm having oily & dryness along with random breakouts. I don't know much about skin care due to being so lucky early on in life. I've already wasted close to $100 trying different products.

I've tried Biore, Mary Kay, Noxema & Proactive. I have really sensitive skin so the Proactive & Noxzema turned me bright red and made my skin super sensitive. The Biore just made me break out more and Noxzema made me more dry.

What works for others? How the heck do you choose skin care products?

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answers from Boise on

I think it is Clean and Clear (neutragena?) that makes a pimple ointment. It is in a little tube and has always worked great for me for those random pimples.

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answers from Fayetteville on

I was just like you - before kids, great skin - never really prone to acne...hello hormones and chemistry changes....I have more skin issues now than I did in high school!

Unfortunately - skin care is trial and error. There are so many formulas out there, and you have to find the combination that works the best for you. I will tell you up front that I use and LOVE Mary Kay - I am also a consultant, but I am not going to try to sell you on it....As good as it is and as much as I like it, it honestly does not work for everyone. Having said that, I will say that the cleanser is just part of the process - you need 5 basic things -

1) cleanser
2) freshener
3) light exfoliant
4) moisturizer (even oily skin needs hydration - hydration and oiliness are not the same thing)
5) protective top layer (think foundation) to keep all the junk of the day that you come into contact with from setting into your pores.

Anyone that sells any skin care formulas will tell you pretty much the same thing.

You can look for formulas that combine the first three - if you have tried Mary Kay, I am guessing you tried the 3-in-1 cleanser - and that is a good example of what I am talking about.

Have you tried the St Ives product line or the Aveeno product line? I have used both when I have run short on my MK products. Aveeno seems to have huge selection of products that are targeted to work on sensitive skin. There is one that is calming cleanser that I have used and LOVE it, just as much as my MK. But like I said earlier, do not stop with just really need the other steps as well. It sounds like you need to look for formulas created for combination skin.

And one last thing, when you start a skin care regimen, you may experience a little bit of shock. Kind of like cleaning out a closet to organize it - you know how it gets WAY worse before you see the results of the clean out. Same way with skin care, when you start a cleaning routine, the cleansers start bringing to the surface dirt and oils that are under the surface. Stay with it, unless you are having a negative reaction (burning, severe redness,etc) and after a week to 10 days you should begin to notice and feel a difference in your skin texture, tone and breakout issues.

Good Luck!


ps - for all the products that you have purchased that don't work well for you, see if there is a local soup kitchen or women's shelter that can take donations of "gently used" products. That way at least the products don't go completely to waste.



answers from Atlanta on

HI D.,

I use Sei Bella skincare that is primarily natural. It has worked for me through many different stages of my life. One thing I will say is that when you have a child, your chemistry does change and the best thing for, not only your body but, your complexion is to get it back the way it was. Nutrition, eating right and supplementing with an absorbable multivitamin, will help greatly. I also take a heart (general health) supplement that is primarily grape skin extract which is known as the "beauty supplement." It has restored the elasticity to my skin so it looks much younger than it is. I'm seven years older than my husband but when people find out the age difference they think I'm seven years younger. I haven't had a breakout in years.

let me know if you're interested and I can get you some information.

God bless,




answers from Pittsburgh on

Try Aveeno. Very gentle. Pregnancy sure messes with hair & skin--not always for the better!



answers from Nashville on

Yes, this is normal, your hair will change too. UGH
Go to a dermatologist and let him/her recommend some things to you. I know mind recommends Neutrogena mostly but you may need a boost with something prescrip from the Derm and then can just keep up with it. I have heard Proactive is great and I think for sensitive skin you may try Arbonne.



answers from Columbus on

I think a lot of mom's can empathize with you. Who knew acne continues on into motherhood!? I look for companies that make all natural products produced on scientific research. Most importantly this means NO preservatives; parabens and preservatives are now linked to breast cancer! I know how frustrating this search can be but I have found a company that all of these requirements and works for all skin types. If you would like some specific recommendations I can point you in the right direction.



answers from Dallas on

Try going to a professional Esthetician for a facial. They can recommend the proper products for your skin issues. I'm an Esthetician and I prefer using BioElements skincare. They are a natural products that can be mixed for you own skin type.



answers from Wilmington on

There is cetaphil (I think that is what it is called) which is over the counter....I also was advised by my dermatologist to use Aquaphor as a moisturizer for around my eyes. She also told me to try ANY product I would use on my face especially my eyes on the inside of my arm near my wrist as that skin is as sensitive as your eye. If it irritated there, don't use it on your face. Aveeno was a good suggestion as well. Let us know how you do and what you decide.



answers from Salt Lake City on

I also have acne that has been with me for 10 yrs..
Proactive doesn't touch it.. Nor did another online trial offer product....
But I believe that ARBONNE (sp?) will be my next product..
they provide a supplement you take with the daily facial cleanse procedure.. and their stuff has COMPLETELY natural ingredients.. Mary Kay does NOT. GOOD LUCK! Remember to drink LOTS OF WATER, FISH OIL, and CLEAN PILLOWCASE (those 3 are practically free tips)


answers from Clarksville on

Hi D.,

I've experienced the same problem since my youngest daughter was 3 weeks old. Like you, I had been trying various acne products & facial cleansers but found that nothing worked and some made it worse. It wasn't until my daughter had another yeast rash that I believe I found the connection. Her rash looked exactly like what I was experiencing on my cheeks and chin. I used diluted vinegar that I had been using on my daughter at each diaper change, as a wash, 3 times a day and stopped using my loose compact powder that I was using to keep my face from looking shiny. I'm pleased to say that within a couple days, my face cleared up.

I've since refrained from using the compact powder and have been spending the days at the pool with my children and have noticed even more improvement in my skin.

You can google yeast rash on face. I believe mine is related to candida so I have also been avoiding foods with added sugars and yeast, taking candida homeopathic drops, as well as drinking plenty of water to flush my system. When I googled yeast rash on face, I found an article by a dermatologist where he recommended trying the diluted vinegar or dandruff shampoo to cleanse your face. If you notice improvements, then it's likely that you're experiencing yeast too.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions. I know how frustrating it can be when the acne products and facial cleansers aren't working as we would expect them to.

Good luck,



answers from Louisville on

the best thing to do is talk to your doctor about getting a refferal to a dermatoligist. they will tell you exactly what products are right for your skin and chances are it wont be mary kay



answers from Tampa on

Ok-I am totally skin care obsessed because I have suffered many years with combo skin with breakouts and had spent more $$ than I would want to admit in skin care products that mainly left me disappointed. My skin has now been clear for almost a year (which is a miracle, as I used to get those awful hormonal breakouts several times a month) I swear by the Clarisonic face brush (sold at Sephora) It exfoliates and leaves your skin clean (but not too harsh) and really makes a difference. It can be pricey but I use their travel version the Mia-which works amazingly-I pair it with Purity by Philosophy cleanser which is great for combo skin. I also use their Hope in a Jar moisturizer. Also check out sites like which is helpful with reviews before you buy something-so you dont waste your $$. If all else fails see a derm-its worth it!


answers from Dallas on

I sell this so it might minimize my opinion. I hope not because I truly think this is an awesome and affordable system. I actually had very nice skin, but was starting to look older. I switched to this system and immediately people started to notice. I was so surprised because I thought I had pretty good skin already. Here is a link to see the morning and evening creams. There is also toner, cleaners, calming lotion, hydrating lotion, firming lotion, etc... All together it is awesome, but I think you will see some results even with just these two products:



answers from Indianapolis on

Go to a dermatologist and have them recommend a product based upon what they believe is the underlying cause.

I've had breakouts since I was in junior high, and they've only remained as an adult.
I currently don't use any Rx products, but I do use a few OTC products recommended by the Dermatologist. I have cystic acne (deep, painful breakouts), so no OTC product is going to touch my skin.

I do like the Keihl's line of cleansers/moisturizers, too......a little pricier than what you can find elsewhere, but they've helped me considerably.

Good luck!

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