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Updated on July 01, 2010
J.B. asks from Mount Laurel, NJ
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My 3 year old daughter got scratched on the cheek about 1/2 inch long by her one year old brother with a tiny jagged nail. It bled slightly at the time, this was 7 weeks ago, and then seemed to heal okay. The mark is flat and doesn't seem to have much texture change, but she has been left with a red line on her face that doesn't seem to be fading no matter what kinds of scar creams I put on her. The dermatologist told me to avoid the sun and give it time to fade, but it has been almost 2 months and I am upset that she still has this scar. Has anyone had a similar experience? Did the mark ever go away or at least get to be minimally noticeable? Thanks for any responses.

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answers from Philadelphia on

Neosporin is good for next time to put on right away so it does not get infected and will help fade the scar. Bio oil,vitamin e oil and cocoa butter stick are all things that help fade scars. I had a breast reduction and put cocoa butter on every day for a time period after and it faded my scars to a normal skin color. It is true that the sun will cause they scar to come out more. It will take time. It will get better. Take care.

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answers from Johnstown on

Yes, the mark will go away on its own in time. I do highly recommend you get some Mederma and use it though. My niece was attacked by a dog last summer and literally had her face ripped apart, resulting in over 300 stitches. Thanks to the Mederma as well as sunblock--you can't hardly tell anything happened to her at all.



answers from Philadelphia on

My son fell on concrete last year and got a bad scratch on his face. We applied vitamin E to it every night for months. But still, months later, every time he got overheated it, you would see that red mark. I became concerned that I should have done more about it initially, but everyone assured me that it would continue to fade. I actually had forgotten about it until the other day my friend reminded me that last year at this time (on his bday) he had that big scratch on his face. It wasn't until then that I realized that it has completely gone away and doesn't even appear when he gets lots of sun. So, yes, I would say that if you give it more time, it will continue to fade. You are right to avoid sun exposure - we were always big on hats, but we were super-vigilant last summer while his scar was healing.


answers from Williamsport on

Scars often take at least a year to turn white.



answers from Scranton on

You could dab it with Vitamin E oil - it will leave a stain on fabric, so don't let her lay her head on anything until it soaks in or cover it with a band aid. Maderma cream also works well. Good luck!



answers from Kansas City on

my daughter got 2 scratches on her face when she was 1 from a little girl at her daycare's fingernails, she's 3 1/2 now and it's finally barely visible. Now she has a new scar above her eye and I'm just waiting it out.



answers from San Francisco on

My daughter got bitten on the face by a dog when she was three, fell and cut her lip waiting in line at a movie when she was 8, cut her forehead falling on the deck when she was a toddler -- none of them are visible now, and at least one of them needed stitches (can't entirely remember how many). Just keep sunscreen on it. A nail scar should definitely go away in time.


answers from Milwaukee on

put sunscreen on the scar everyday and take aloe or cocobutter lotions and rub them in on the scar. when i had plastic surgery they told me to do that to help the scars fade!!!


answers from Philadelphia on

Hi J.,

My son was bit by a dog and has a small scar from the one stitch he needed. The pediatrician said the absolute best thing for preventing scarring is to use sunscreen diligently for a least a year. He said studies have been done on vitamin E and other remedies, but sunscreen proven to be the best preventative. Good luck!



answers from Sacramento on

I would be tempted to try Mederma for children on it, It is over the counter and meant to help reduce the appearance of scars. You just apply a small amt over a period of time and it is supposed to improve the appearance of the scar.A few yrs ago my daugther was a preteen she got a cut on her upper arm, it did not need stitches, but scarred with a about a 2" red line slightly. We tried this ointment on the red line scar for a few wks and it reduced the discoloration a great deal. Good luck

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