Cracking Skin Behind Ears

Updated on August 04, 2012
J.M. asks from Cleveland, TN
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The skin behind my DD's ears has always been a problem area... Usually, just wiping it nightly to remove the dead skin has worked to keep it under control, but in the past few weeks it has been getting worse... It's worse behind one ear, but both of them have been peeling and cracking a little bit. Behind one ear it's bad enough that it will start to bleed when I wipe it.

I'm not sure if I should keep just wiping it, or if I should leave it alone... I don't really want to leave it alone though, because if I don't wipe it then the skin builds up and starts to get nasty...

Is there an ointment I can put on it... maybe neosporin or petroleum jelly? I don't want to try anything on it yet, because I don't want to make it worse... I have no clue!

A little help please? :)

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So What Happened?

Thanks mommas! I think it sounds like that dermatitis thing... Especially since she suffered from really bad cradle cap when she was young... to the point that a rash spread over her face and down her neck and chest.... so this sounds like a distinct possibility! I will try the suggestions for now, and bring it up at her checkup next month. :)

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my son had this too and sometimes will come up to me and ask for the aquaphor. That stuff is awesome! he feels better right away.

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Both of my kids had this, and I asked our pedi about it and he said it is sheribic (so spelled wrong I am sure!) dermatitis. He told me to put anything wet and gooey on it. He said that A&D oitment, petroleum jelly, etc. It didn't need to have any medicinal properties, just to keep it moist and protected. I did it 2 or 3 times and it was gone. It came back and I only had to do it 1x then. I would try this, and if it doesn't work, then talk to a doc. Poor little one!

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Aquafor works great for this. Just a little bit after each bath. It softens dead skin cells and makes it easier to scrub them off.

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It's more than likely a fungae (not sure of spelling) infection, much like athlete foot etc..the doctor will give her an antibiotic lotion which will take care of it. I would not rule it out, go get her checked. Good luck.

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Seboric Dermatitis. I have it. It's basically the same thing as cradle cap. It is all over my scalp, usually the creases on each side of my nose and often inmy eyebrows, cheeks and near my jaw line, and right now behind my right ear. I was prescribed a cream called Elidil and given someTopicort samples too. Do not use Topicort near hair! It makes it fall out! I have also found that salycilic acid works. It is in some shampoos like T-Gel. Coal tar, also available in shampoo from T-Gel (Nutragina) works too.
It is the overproduction of skin cells and they can cause "scaly" or "crusty" patches that when scraped or scratched off leave a pink to red "new skin" looking area. (exactly what it is) It is often worse in the winter. There is no cure. They are not sure what causes it, but believe it to be hereditary in many cases. A good dermatologist can prescribe Elidel and confirm that is what it is. They can also supply great info. Good Luck BTW both of my twin daughters have it too, though not near as bad as mommy does.

ETA: Almost forgot! Selsun Blue- the blue one, not the green works great. At its worst I used it all over my face, let it set while I washed the rest of me and my hair then rinsed it off (max strength for me). Oh, sometimes the crusty parts show or have a scab of blood or yellowish dried "ick" on them. Sorry. At my level of this lovely condition, sometimes it oozes a clear to yellowish stuff. The skin in the crease behind my ear is scabbed over with the clear/yellowish stuff the last two days. comes off just like a scab, but not blood colored. TMI, I know, sorry again.

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My doctor says this sort of thing is a type of dermatitis called eczema, and can be indicative of allergies.

IgG Food sensitivities can be checked via a simple at-home finger-prick blood test (check out Food-Safe: ) AND IgE Food issues must be determined via the skin scratch testing done in an allergist's office.

If you are breast-feeding, you would have to eliminate those foods from your diet as well.

Probiotics may also help. Klaire Labs has a probiotic safe for infants.



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sounds like she might have a little skin condition going on there talk to her dr she may need something for exima (sp)



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If you are breastfeeding, put a little breast milk on it. Breast milk has huge healing properties to it. Otherwise, a little neosporin will be fine---I would clean well with hydrogen peroxide and then put neosporin on it and leave it alone. Stop wiping it for 3 days and see if it heals----(each day put new ointment on) GL

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