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Updated on September 26, 2007
J.S. asks from Homestead, PA
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Hello moms!! or moms to be!! I was wondering if anyone knew...well let me tell you my problem first. This is kind of embrassing...but I break out on my boobs alot...mostly pimples..little ones its not really bad, but its soo gross to me. It really didnt start til I got preg and its been like almost 2yrs Ive had it. Does anyone know something I can use?? My face isnt to bad but when I was little I had a break-out problem on my back as well as my face but that went away, maybe this will go away on its on. So if anyone knows something please help me :) thank you for the time!!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

hello I had the same problem with my second child. I think the size of them and the summer was the prolblem. If you are still having a problem after 2 years you may want to ask your ob/gyne about it. i may sound like an old fuddy duddy, but maybe gold bond powder would help. excuse any typos but sometthing is wrong with this site and i cannot see what i tyep good luck!



answers from Harrisburg on

Try Acne Free. You can buy it at walmart for $15 (I think). This is the cheap version of Proactive, I found it works very good on your face and other parts of your body.



answers from Altoona on

J. with your body changing when you have a child sometimes it is just not ever perfect again so i had the same problem went to the dermetologist and was told to use dial antibacterial soap and no perfume or scented lotions on that part of my body. seems funny but it worked and i have had not a problem since. Do not go spending alot of money like i did your body chemistry has changed and you need to find new things to use.Also if you want to try the aveeno line oatmeal bath is great for your skin and the line is great for babies and kids too good luck!!!!



answers from Pittsburgh on

I have had the same issue in the past. I have found a wonderful product that I would love to tell you about. Call me so I can tell you more! ###-###-####



answers from Pittsburgh on

Proactive has a body wash. You can buy it on their website but it is a little expensive. I don't remember the price, sorry.
Neutrogena also has an acne fighting body wash. I didn't like the smell of it so I only used in on the affected area and used my regular body wash everywhere else. It wasn't a very strong smell, and I didn't smell it after I finished showering, but since the shower is a mini retreat from the real world I like it to be pleasant-smelling and refreshing. :)

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