Good Moisturizer for Rosacea?

Updated on September 21, 2009
A.B. asks from Chicago, IL
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Hi moms,

Does anyone know of any good moisturizers for people with rosacea? My husband has rosacea and doesn't like to use prescription face products and did really like Purpose Redness Reducing Moisturizer, but they stopped making it. It actually did reduce the redness in his face a lot.

Does anyone have any good suggestions?

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I have Rosacea and I use prducts by TriDerma. I think Target sells them but I always order them through the website at

And I agreee with some of the other advise, have him pay close attention to what he has eaten before a "flair up". My triggers are wine, caffine, and spicy foods. Good luck!

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I have horrible rosacea - even in my eye lids. I use a moisturizer called Natura Bisse Sensitive Skin - usually the cream, but if it's really humid, I use the gel cream. It's been amazing - has gotten me off all of my perscription meds and people keep telling me how good my skin looks.

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Hi A.,
Besides being a SAHM, I am also a Mary Kay consultant. I have several customers with Rosacea (my Mom included!) who have benefited from Time Wise Age fighting Moisturizer. It comes in two formulas and is safe for sensitive skin. If you are interested in receiving a free sample send me a message or visit my website for more information. Have a great day!



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I don't know what mousturizer is good but I do know that my sister gets facials regularly and her skin has greatly improved.She has barely any redness now.


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Hi A.!
You've gotten some good advice regarding diet, etc. What we put into our bodies typically shows up on the outside. Since his skin is very sensitive and he really shouldn't use anything with chemicals, dyes, fragrances, etc. that will only aggravate it, a very mild cleanser and soothing moisturizer will help. I use 100% organically based products and they work very well. I also use probiotics as well from the same source. I would be more than happy to give you some information about this product line. The products are 100% guaranteed and this line is very gentle, hence the word "soothing". Just send me back your email and I will provide more information. Take care and look forward to hearing from you.

Wellness Consultant


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Please go to!!! The picture of the kid with the red cheeks was my daughter at 6 months. We havent had any problems since.



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Hi A.:

I have been diagnosed for about 8 years. I have tried many prescription and over the counter options. A couple years ago I came upon a brand called B. Kamins Chemist out of Canada by chance when I was getting a pedicure at Mario Tricoci. Tricoci is not one of my favorite places, but while I was sitting waiting for my appt I noticed a product on their shelves. I spoke to their cosmotologist about it and then researched it on the internet. I have been using it over two years now and love it. I swear by their bio-maple booster blue rosacea treatment on my red areas before anything else. I don't a day without it. It is not cheap but it lasts a long time.

The biggest change for me has been altering my diet. Have your husband talk to his doc about this and look on the internet. There are internet groups just for people with rosacea - lots of good info shared.

Best of luck.



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Hi A.,
One of the moms I met at preschool years back, her child had rosacea and I loaned her a bottle of my renew lotion to try and she said that her condition improved greatly! My own son had a mild case of ezcema and since we began using renew lotion and oil regularly, it has cleared up completely. As winter is approaching, I usually make sure that we lotion him up daily and get a bath 1x a week with the oil. :) Renew is only avaialble through Melaleuca, send me an email and I can show you how to shop at 30-40% off wholesale prices and everything is 100% guaranteed, if you use the renew until its empty and it doesn't work---they will give you a refund, no questions asked. Try getting that service at your local walgreens or target!

Jenn Voss (busy mom of 2 active kids and licensed home daycare provider) [email protected]



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I have had good results from (Kopec) There is a cleanser, toner and moisturizer. It is more like a salve, so Hubby will want to use it at night.
Thank you to the other people who made me aware of other brands. Always gooe to know.
Truly, it is related to diet, as one mother said. Easy to say, hard to do, in my case.

Good luck.




answers from Chicago on

If he is interested in getting rid of it, you'll want to look into a diet change and adding some pro=biotics to his diet. Rosacea is actually a form of Candidas living under the skin. Chances are pretty good that he most likely craves sugar, simple carbs or alcohol. He might have other symptoms as well things like Frequent sinus infections,toe nail problems, even a sort of jock ich. ( actually more things than I could possibly list those are just a few) I know of a product that worked when the diet was changed. I would hate to suggest it if all the parts of the problem weren't addressed.

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