Pregnancy Test Accuracy: 24 Hour

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New Pregnancy and Just Diagnosed with Celiac Disease

J.F. asks from Medford

I've learned two life-changing things this week. One, I'm expecting baby number three! Two, I have Celiac disease. From talking to my doctor (a Naturopath) and readin...


Protein in the Urine

M.S. asks from Houston

I seem to be having a rough time with this pregnancy, even though I feel fine, I was wondering if anyone had protein in their urine and if they had to do one of those...


Overdue Pregnancy - to Induce or Not to Induce?

C.H. asks from Philadelphia

Hi Ladies! Could any of you share your experiences with getting your labors induced? I'm 7 days overdue today and my doctors want to induce me tomorrow morning. I wa...


I Had My Son Eight Months Ago and I Haven't Started Menstuating Again

L.B. asks from San Diego

I delivered my son eight months ago and still have not gotten my period. I took a pregnancy test and it was positive, so I went to my doctor and took another urine t...


Two Year Old with Sudden Seizures

C.T. asks from San Diego

Hi Moms, I would like some advice and info from all the experienced Moms out there regarding seizures. I'll give you a health history, the events that happened, and...


Opinion on the 4Th Child-but We Really Can't Have More children...Please Help

D.S. asks from New York

Without saying what I really want to ask, I need an opinion. I have 3 healthy and happy kids. My lifestyle and my checkbook cannot afford another child. However, we j...


Confused on Ovulation

S.M. asks from Stockton

My first child was a surprise and looking back now I dont remember the dates of everything to see when it was that I got pregnant in relation to having my period and ...


Quad Screen Test: Yes or No

L.L. asks from Orlando

I am coming up on the timeframe to have the Quad Screen Test done with my second child. I opted out of it on my first son knowing that if he came into this world wit...


How Much Should We Budget for a Hospital Birth?

K.M. asks from Phoenix

We are budgeting for 2011 and our FSA contributions which will include the birth of our baby. If anyone is willing to share, I'm looking for the basic cost of a vagin...


What Do You Know About High Blood Pressure?

R.D. asks from Richmond

I've always had high blood pressure... well, above 'normal' (which is 120/80)... The past few time's I've been to the doctor for various reasons, I've received letter...