Many Positive Home Pregnancy Tests but Negative Blood Test

Updated on December 30, 2010
C.S. asks from Austin, TX
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I am just now late for my period. I am a poas junky. I took 9 hpt tests in last 6 days and all were very positive. I used frer and ept digital. I went for a blood test yesterday and the results came back negative. The nurse was puzzled and made the comment that she wondered what another test would show. I had literally just peed when she called. I got curious about an hour later so I took another digital and it came back pregnant and then a couple hours later tried the frer and it was very dark positive. I am so confused because if the blood test was accurate the results it showed shouldn't even allow me to get a positive urine test. The hcg level she said was a 3 and progesterone was 0.3. I tested next morning again with frer and got another dark positive and then with a generic brand at lunch and got another dark positive. I never get positives when not pregnant. Any thoughts? Dr won't check blood again until tomorrow. Has this happened to anyone?

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the replies. It turns out that it was a lab error. I did the repeat blood test on thursday which was 2 days later and my HCG was 483!! Thats a big difference from 3. Lesson learned. Listen to your instincts, a blood test is might not always be correct.

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answers from Phoenix on

I had a false positive on a blood test once. I think it's more common to have false negatives than false positives. My blood is weird and I've had false positives on a lot of tests...

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Not to me, but I always had positive early HPTs and my doctor's office never did a blood test, just repeated a urine test in the office, which they say pretty much never give false positives (except for the usual right after childbirth/miscarriage/abortion).

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answers from Austin on

I once got a false positive on an OTC pregnancy test due to a cyst on my ovary. Pamphlet in the test even said that an ovarian cyst could skew the results (the cyst creates a chemical that is misread by the test).

I'm not saying you definitely have a cyst, but it's something to consider or ask your doctor about.


answers from Pocatello on

Well I got a positive pregnancy test then about a week later I started bleeding. Went into the doctor to see if I had miscarried and then just ran a blood test which like you came back as a 3. The nurse said it has to be at least a 5 to indicate a pregnancy so they said the test was negative and therefore i wasn't pregnant and I just had a late period. I was very upset cause I new i was pregnant. Well I got pregnant again fast and when I went into the doctor at 12 weeks they did an ultra sound and found tissue still inside my uterus from the miscarriage. The doctor was so mad that the nurse dismissed me so easily when the test came back as a 3. I guess basically I'm saying that you can still be pregnant but just not very far along yet. So get another blood test done and see if the number has gone up.


answers from Denver on

I am thinking there was a lab error on the blood test. It happens.



answers from Austin on

The same exact thing happened to my close friend and turned out she had an ectopic pregnancy. If you have pain, make sure to go in immediately, as she was unaware and her's burst and she lost a tube.



answers from Redding on

I would wait for another blood test to see what happens. But that's just me.
And, in the meantime, I'm going to buy stock in home pregnancy tests. You have spent a small fortune!
Blood tests are usually more reliable, but there may have been some type of contamination or something wrong with the test itself.
I was in the hospital recently and they did blood tests taken at two different sites and thoroughly sterilized my skin before hand to make sure in case one came back positive for something. I had pneumonia and shingles so God only knows exactly what they were testing for. I was out of it and don't remember what they explained to me.
Try to be patient tonight and be sure to let us know what the new blood test results are.

Best wishes.



answers from Topeka on

Hasn't happened with the blood testing only with the pee on a stick,the only thing you can do is retest with a blood test if they will not allow for another till tomorrow then your going to have to wait it out then after that if they don't offer to do an internal sonogram suggest one to be done only if the next blood test is inaccurate,btw it could of been a lab error.Good Luck



answers from Philadelphia on

I had a false positive. I am pretty sure that it was due to blood/protein in my urine.

Sorry i could not be more help :( Hoping you are pregnant :)

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