Missed Period/Negative 3 Negative Pregnancy Tests, What Could Be Wrong??

Updated on February 15, 2010
L.W. asks from Florence, KY
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HI Ladies,
I once again turn to you because honestly I get the best advice on this site. Here is a long story/short.
I was due for my period on 02/02/2010. It has never come. The only 2 times I have been late was when i was prego and I lit both tests up like a Christmas Tree. I have taken 3 pregnancy tests in the last 72 hours. ALL are negative. I plan on going to buy more of them. I feel fine. I have NO cramping, NO spotting nothing. I am also not sick in any way. Everything is normal except that no period ever came. I am under alot of stress/pressure just from being a working mom but I am under no more stress than normal. Any suggestions?? I am making an appt in the morning with my OBGYN to get a PAP and possibly a blood test done and to seek his advice but I probably wont get in until thursday.
I am a 34 year old full time working mother of 1-13.5 month old. We are not actively trying to get pregnant but have been a little careless in the beginning. If we are prego, then its ok, but definatly not something planned.
Thanks in advance

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So What Happened?

OK went to the doc. He did his pap exam and b**b exam. He said everything looks fine. He ordered me an EKG just in case there are any underlying issues regarding my chest pain He said that this time of year is BIG for depression. He thinks I may have some post partum stuff going on. However he did also say that It could be just my normal day to day issues building and then I have reached a breaking point. He suggested that if that IS the case, then I need to remove what is causing the stress (i.e. Work or the stress AT work) So temporarily he has me on Zoloft (actually I am on the generic version of it). He said I will feel good in about a week. He also ordered me to get on a regimented exercise routine because that releases natural endorphins or something. So I will be getting a treadmill or elliptical soon. However I will be on the meds until spring. He said that once the spring comes and I am outside that I should snap out of this funk. He also said that being on the meds will naturally make my body get back on track. I need to call him back in 3 weeks and let him know how I am doing but my AF should come naturally. I need to make another appt if I don’t get AF in 60 more days though. Thanks for everyones advice. Its good to know that I will be OK. Thanks again

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My daughter, 26, just had a similar problem and wasn't pregnant. She was ten days late when she had always been on time and 4 pregnancy tests said negative. The ovulation tests showed her as never ovulating, but the dr. said if she was having regular periods then she is ovulating and the test is wrong. She had none of the usual symptoms that her period was going to start. So you're probably not pregnant.

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Do you chart your fertility? Do you know if you even ovulated? All women go through cycles where they don't ovulate and so (obviously) don't have a period. Stress is a big factor in ovulation, but even if you aren't stressed, you are bound to go through cycles of annovulation. It will happen more and more as your fertility decreases and you approach perimenopause and menopause. I think all women need to learn to track their fertility so they don't have all these worries. Ever since I started charting, I've never questioned whether or not I was pregnant, you know on paper before most pregnancy tests or symptoms can tell you.
You don't need a blood test, a pee test is accurate enough.

I saw one of the earlier posts. It's a falacy to think that if you have a period you have ovulated. So if women are having fertility issues, assuming that they ovulate just because they have regular periods is a bad assumption. A good OB should have known this:(

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I think you are doing the right things too. I missed a few of mine before, but found out that too much stress can cause your biological clock to jump timing. LOL. sorry for the analogy but that's the best I can word it. Have a blood test done but don't freak out. It could just be stress and if your anything like me then your even more stressed when you miss your monthly gift.

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answers from Boston on

Oooh! Well, pregnancy tests can be screwy sometimes! I think you're already doing the right things..my best friend and I should own stock in pregnancy test companies. Maybe try switching brands. But since you are just about 2 weeks late going to your doc is the best idea! Good luck and make sure to let us know how it all turns out!



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I have missed my period twice in my life, and one time I was pregnant while the other time I was not. I went to my doctor after being three weeks late with two negative pregnancy tests, and the one if the office was also negative. I was not pregnant. For some reason, my body just skipped a period, and I had been extremely regular my entire life. My doctor had to give me an injection of progesterone to start menstruation.



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The same thing just happened to me. I didnt get my period when i was supposed to, i took a test the day after i was due and then another 2 days after i was due and both were negative. So i decided to take another one on the third day and it was positive. If i were you, go to the dollar store and buy some tests there. They are only $1. I think it is the dollar tree that has them. Try not to stress about it, because the stress could sometimes delay your period. Good Luck!



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I agree 100% with Sarah D.



answers from Sarasota on

Wait for your doctor to have her or his say. I know it seems like an eternity but the doctor will be able to tell. I had a negative "quick-test" from my ob. before we left for a two week vacation and I was a little further down the road from the last period than you are. Wellll, he's now 35 and has his own baby.



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Are you trying to get pregnant? If you've been using some form of birth control I wouldn't waste any more money on tests. Although I probably wouldn't waste any more money anyhow lol. Our bodies do weird things. If you are normally regular, are two weeks late and are getting negative results you are most likely not pregnant. Go see your doc and see what she/he says.



answers from Toledo on

Hi. I have just turned 34 and we are trying to get preggo with our fourth. These last couple of months (unsuccessful), I have had a late period too. It was four days late, then eight days late. Being on Clomid might throw things off, but when I was younger, my Clomid periods were like clockwork. I have found that I get a little cramping after ovulation, but then things calm down and no symptoms until period. So from now on, I'll rely on my HPT results rather than count on my period timing.

Won't hurt for you to get bloodwork, of course. I just wanted to share my similar experience. I hope things turn out well for you!

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