Pregnancy Test Accuracy: EPT

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What Is the Most Accurate Pregnancy Test??

K.S. asks from Portland

i am pretty sure i am pregnant but i dont know which test to buy. i was going to buy the first response but then i heard it gives FALSE positives! anyone had this hap...


Where do I get a more accurate pregnancy test?

J.D. asks from Detroit

I suspect that I'm pregnant for a whole lot of reasons but none of the 6 pregnancy tests that I've taken has turned out to be positive. Are there any tests that work...


Pregnancy Tests

D.D. asks from New York

Could you please offer some opinions on this. It is driving me crazy. My husband and I are ttc. My period is due tomorrow. By chance I had a doctor's appointment ...


Early Pregnancy Tests

K.M. asks from Jacksonville

How accurate are the early pregnancy tests? They say on the packaging that they can test 5 days prior to missing period. I used one today s I have four days left to m...


Early Pregnancy Tests

M.D. asks from Philadelphia

I think I'm pregnant. I have two children (3yrs and 12 months) so I recognize some of the signs/symptoms. There was a very good chance that I could have gotten preg...


Faint Line on Ept Test?

E.S. asks from Los Angeles

I had sex more than 3 weeks ago and I am due for my period in a couple of days. My boyfriend did not finish inside me and I am feeling absolutely no symptoms of pregn...


Pregnancy Tests

M.S. asks from Kansas City

Hi I was just wondering if anyone has had a similar situation. I am currently about 8 days late and I took a home test. All's well but I am unsure if it is positive o...


False-Negative Pregnancy Tests

L.D. asks from Chicago

Hi everyone! My hubby and I have been trying to conceive baby #2 for about 7 months now. My cycle is like a clock - I always have spotting the day before my period ...


How Reliable Are the Pregnancy Tests from the Dollar Tree Store?

S.T. asks from Kansas City

in your opinion, are they as reliable as the name brand ones? i have posted a couple of tiems in the past couple weeks about being worried I may be preggo, even thoug...


Many Positive Home Pregnancy Tests but Negative Blood Test

C.S. asks from Austin

I am just now late for my period. I am a poas junky. I took 9 hpt tests in last 6 days and all were very positive. I used frer and ept digital. I went for a blood tes...