Dollar Store Pregnancy Tests

Updated on April 17, 2012
M.R. asks from Provo, UT
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So, did the dollar store pregnancy test work for you? It seems like i have quite a few pregnancy signs (sore breasts for a week that feel fuller, sweets do not sound good at all which is really weird for me...usually around my period I crave them, no breakouts also a tel tell my period is on its way just a few things), and I know they can duplicate pms, so its tricky sometimes. I am 5 days late however, and took a test and got a negative. So it may be that I am just really late (normally I am right on!) which has happened once or twice in the past three years. But also about two months ago I did just get off the pill, so maybe my body still isn't back to schedule? Just curious of your experiences. I will restest if it does not come in another week just to see. I have heard that they work from a lot of people, although a few say you have to wait longer for them to work. Just wondering how accurate they are so in the future if I am not pregnant now should I buy them or suck it up and buy the expensive one?

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answers from New York on

Worked with mine. I even bought one for my friend who thought she was pregnant and it worked for her too (she was pregnant).



answers from Dallas on

My dollar tree test detected my pregnancy 4 full days before my period. They actually are some of the most sensitive on the market.

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answers from Phoenix on

yes, they are just as accurate as the expensive ones.

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answers from La Crosse on

the dollar store test were accurate on all 5 of mine! I don't remember how long I waited to test, I know usually by the time I noticed I was late I was atleast a couple weeks late.

So maybe if nothing happens with in the next week... go to the dollar store and try again :) I would never pay for an expensive test when you get the same answer for the cheaper ones!

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answers from Richmond on

They worked for me x3!!

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answers from Dallas on

I swear by the dollar tree tests! They're the best!

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answers from Detroit on

Don't waste your money on the expensive ones. Go to DOLLAR TREE and get theirs. When I had an extopic, i had to have my blood drawn repeatedly to see that my hcg level went back to 0. One day I had it drawn and my level was 97 (very low). I took a home urine test as an experiment (since they are only $1), and it came up very obviously positive. I had also used these tests to detect that pregnancy in the first place, and my level was NEVER over 400.



answers from Milwaukee on

they worked for me EVERY time...I got a positive a week before my period was due - they are very sensitive tests, and very accurate according to my research.



answers from New York on

I do not think this is a matter of the test being good or bad having come from the dollar store....

The test tests for HCG levels in your urine. With my third child (an unexpected pregnancy), I used a hospital grade test which was more sensitive and was able to pick up the really low levels early. I knew I was preggers - the late period, , a total hormonal metldown aimed at my folks the weekend my duaghter turned 3, the positive test, etc. My doctor will typically not see a newly pregnant patient until 8 weeks or slightly later but I was not sure about going to term with the pregnancy and I went in right away to get tested at like 4 weeks and some change. They gave me a stick to pee on and it can back negative. I asked what the tolerance was on their stick test and that test measured nearly twice what my at home [hospital] test did (i.e. mine was senstive at 25 mg but theirs was sensative at 50 mg). I insisted that they do the blood draw test immediately - that came back just 1 mg under "positive" test so they conceeded that I was preggers.

Long story short, I am now the happy Mama to three wonderful kiddies and could not imagine anything different. If you have been pregggers before, you'll know. If not, you need to wait until your HCG levels increase to a readable level for the test you are using and this may take one additional week or more. (It should be listed in the fine print, if you are interested.) It may be little comfort but this is why most docs won't see you until the 8 week mark or later for the first visit.

Good luck.



answers from Denver on

I found out I was pregnant with 3 of my 4 kids with dollar store tests. I have had two not register right but I always get two or three at a time to be sure. It is pretty unlikely you would get a false positive (although it can happen) a false negative is more likely. I would wait a day or two a get a couple more tests to try.



answers from Tulsa on

They worked for my cousin who was over a month pregnant. I was a week pregnant and it didn't work.


answers from San Antonio on

Dollar Store tests are just as effective as any other test. I used them when I was doing my surrogacies because I had this overwhelming need to pee on sticks three days after the transfer. The Dollar Store tests were cheaper than the other brands so I could pee away!

I say wait a few days, then test again. It's probably the fact that you just got off the pill.


answers from Dayton on

I've taken many dollar store tests...they have always worked.
The last test I took was a $.88 test from Wal-Mart. It said I was pg immediately-though I admit I do not know just how late I was at that point.
I've taken a good many that were (indeed) negative too.

When I was pg w/ my DS the first test I took (right when my period was due) came back negative. Two days later-so faint I threw it away w/o seeing the line. Four days later-still very faint. These were not $1 test. wishes for the outcome you desire!



answers from Madison on

I have three kids all three I used dollar tree tests. Never once were they wrong

They are the same tests used at places like planned parenthood. and if you do the research they trigger to less levels of hormones then the "first response" tests do and a lot of other pricey tests.

They are just packaged simple



answers from Cincinnati on

I used the dollar store test 5 times and it was always right (once when I wasn't pregnant and twice with both of my preganancy...just to be sure lol)


answers from Columbia on

A pregnancy test triggers a positive result when HcG levels reach an elevated state.

You might be pregnant, but your levels might not have reached a high enough level to be detected as of yet. I'd give it a few more days and try again.

HcG tests are usually highly accurate, regardless of whether you got it at the dollar store or the pharmacy. The Army uses the most basic test out there because they're cheap.

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