When Did Your Pregnancy Show up on a Home Pregnancy Test?

Updated on July 20, 2012
O.M. asks from Happy Valley, OR
14 answers

how early or when did you do a home pregnancy test where you had an accurate pregnancy test?

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answers from Hartford on

I never had a positive until I missed my period. With my youngest daughter, I missed my period but never had a positive home test, and required a blood test.

With my pregnancy loss, that never showed up on a home test.

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answers from New York on

when i took my test i thought i had only missed one period by about a week, the results were a faint positive but still a positive.. however after scheduling my doctors appointment at what i thought was 8 weeks along the doctor did an ultrasound and it was determind i was closer to 12 weeks than 8.. wooopss
and on a side note .. i took like 4 tests and got the same results and after hours of freaking out finally went n bought a digital one.. now anytime anyone asks i reccommend digital.. it takes out any of the guess work


answers from Kansas City on

it was just a few weeks for me. i knew it was a gamble but i had to know. we literally got pregnant on the first try so since we thought it would take awhile, it was a shock and a little scary... as soon as i missed that first period i suspected. i think it was about 5 weeks.


answers from Chicago on

Each of our 3 pregnancies were planned, so I knew the likelihood was high that I was pregnant. Still, I resisted the urge to test until I was about 3 days late.

I've found the best testing method is to:
1) buy cheap dollar store pregnancy tests
2) grab a dixie cup and collect your very first urine of the morning
3) dip the test & wait

Using the first urine of the morning gives you the highest chance of detecting the hcg that indicates pregnancy, because your first urine of the day has the highest concentration of hcg.

Good luck!



answers from Washington DC on

I took it on day 25 and was faint positive...took another a few days later and was darker.


answers from Dallas on

Mine was positive 5-6 days before my missed period.



answers from New York on

With my first baby, my period was over a week late before I got a positive. I had tested a couple of other times after I missed that period and it was negative.


answers from Jacksonville on

One day late. Not even kidding. I had a vivid dream that I was pregnant, so feeling stupid, I went and bought a pregnancy test. Sure enough it came back positive. My poor husband didn't even have a warning. No, Hey I'm a few days late....nothing. Just came home and BOOM baby on the way. LOL



answers from Atlanta on

First pregnancy with twins-I actually thought I was having my period but had this feeling because the period wasn't a "normal" one for me. I took the test which was an "Eckerd" brand and it was positive within seconds. The second pregnancy which was eventually a miscarriage. I was 3 weeks....I hadn't even expected my period yet but I just had this feeling. I bought dollar store brand pregnancy test and within seconds it was positive. At 5 weeks though I lost that baby ;()( We are thinking about trying again come fall so we shall see how fast I get a clue on that one-lol!



answers from New York on

Missed my period and by the 4th day I took the test. It was not even in the morning and it was positive. I would wait until you miss your period for it to be accurate.


answers from Chicago on

10 dpo with both kids.
In both cases, that was before my "missed period" would be due.


answers from Chicago on

I did one at 8 wks, it was sooo feight we were not sure so I just went to the doc



answers from New York on

With my current (and second pregnancy) I just sort of knew, so two days before my period was due I took at test and it was positive (it was one of the ones that said it could be accurate up to six or so days before your period).

And it was right! My little boy is due in October!!!



answers from Dallas on

4-5 days before my period, with a dollar tree test.

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