Dollar Tree Pregnancy Tests?

Updated on November 08, 2010
K.F. asks from Hillsboro, OR
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We are TTC #3 and to try to save some money I bought pregnancy tests from the Dollar Tree (I'm a little impatient and don't want to blow $30 a month! :) From what I read online, they actually detect lower HCG levels than some of the name brand ones do. I took one this morning - 4-5 days before my missed period- and it was negative. My question is - how early have you seen a positive result using these tests? I know I tested early (there's the impatience!) and will test again in a couple days but I was just curious!


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So What Happened?

I was not pregnant that cycle but used the Dollar Tree tests again the next month and it came up positive even a couple of days early and while testing at night. I took a couple to reassure myself and all were the same (even the name brand one I had). Baby #3 is due in a few weeks! I guess they are accurate!

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answers from Chicago on

I used them and it came up positive right away! I have a friend who is a pharmacist, and she told me they are the best ones on the market. Good luck conceiving #3!

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answers from Dallas on

I got a positive 3 days early, with Dollar Tree tests!

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answers from Las Vegas on

you can go online and buy the ovulation and pregnancy kits for much cheaper..
on the website they have links .. check them out..
granted, they are just the strips.. but hey, they work just as well..
best of luck

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answers from Phoenix on

I'm impatient too =) but I usually wait until I'm officially "late." Good luck!!!!

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answers from Dallas on

The last 4 times I was pregnant I found out with Dollar Tree tests. One detected it before a blood test even did! Lol.

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answers from Ocala on

I am on my 4th pregnancy now and with my first three I ALWAYS bought those pregnancy test from Walmart for $10 each and it cost ALOT because I would buy them until I got a +.
But then I read online that the same companies that make the $10 ones are also the same companies that makes the $1 ones. So this time I went to the Dallor tree and I got three test and I came home and took one ( I was like two days late ) and it came back + POSITIVE, I was like NO WAY, so I took the 2nd test and it was still + and then I called the Dr. and had a visit a few days later and YEP it was true.
I still have the third test under my bathroom sink.

I would never buy those $10 test again.

Give it a few more days and take another test.
I wish you the BEST. = )

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answers from Boston on

I love these products and cannot beat the price. My pregnancy test detected that I was pregnant 3 days before missed period. I also used the ovulation kits too. Good luck.

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answers from Spokane on

I bought a dollar tree test and took it 6, yes six days before I was due for my period, and it came up positive. I believe the fact that I was carrying twins had something to do with that, double the hormones and all, but I agree with the moms who have used them, they work. I also used one for my last pregnancy, and it was positive immediately, although I don't know when my period was due, because I had just given birth about 3 months prior, and my periods had not resumed a "normal" cycle yet. Overall, I'd say they are pretty sensitive, so wait a few more days and test again. Good luck.


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answers from Denver on

I only buy pregnancy tests from the dollar store and my last three babies were detected a day or two before I missed a period. I have not tried 5 days before but I think you should try again in a few days. I have no idea if they detect less HGC levels but for a buck just get a few tests and keep checking. I am impatient too, I totally get it.

Good luck!

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answers from Portland on

I agree that they work, but I can't tell you how early. I didn't use it until I was over a week late because I have ovarian cysts. I'm always skipping periods. I always test when I miss my period, but not early because I expect negative results. (Not because I don't want another, just because my cycle is goofy.) I had to stop buying the $7-10 tests at Wal-mart because they cost too much for as many times in a year as I use them. So I started using the Dollar Tree ones, I had many negatives as expected. But my last one was positive, so I'm sure they work. Now I'm 28 wks. along.



answers from Philadelphia on

If I were you, I wouldn't test early. A lot of women have chemical pregnancies and they wouldn't even know about it unless they took a pregnancy test before they were supposed to get their period. Speaking from experience, I can tell you it's definitely worth waiting.

I will say the the Dollar Tree Store tests are very accurate and have worked for me every time. Once I saw a light positive on the tests (after my period date), I would take a digital test that said "yes" or "no".

Best of luck to you!!!!



answers from Portland on

The funny thing is the dollar tree ones confirmed my pregnancy while the expensive ones said I wasn't! So definitely save some money and go with the dollar tree ones!



answers from Tulsa on

2 weeks but it was one and a half lines.



answers from Seattle on

Go to They have everything you ever wanted to know about pregnancy and ovulation tests. They compare all the different brands of tests, have photos of positive/negative/false positive results, and answer questions. Plus it's just a darn fun website for the impatient/obessed trying to conceive woman.



answers from Portland on

They didn't have the dollar tree version when I had my kids. I'm also an impatient person but waited until I was at least a week late to test. It was very hard to wait but then I knew it would be more accurate and I wouldn't waste money on repeated testing. (Even if it's only a dollar why test every day hoping it will be different? Save up and do it once.) Good luck.

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