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Updated on March 30, 2010
M.D. asks from Bedford, NY
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I think I'm pregnant. I have two children (3yrs and 12 months) so I recognize some of the signs/symptoms. There was a very good chance that I could have gotten pregnant this month - although we weren't actually "trying." I am expecting my period today, tomorrow or Wed (I have a 3 day window typically). But...I took an EPT yesterday and it came back neg. I thought you could test 5 days prior to missed period. With my previous two children, I never took the test until I was 2 weeks late. I guess I'm just less patient this time around. Any expertise on pregnancy tests out there?

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answers from Dallas on

Hello Mary-beth,
When I was pregnant with my son, I took first response early test one day before my period and it came back positive!

Good luck

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answers from Philadelphia on

You could be pregnant. I did a pregnancy test on oct 31st and it was negative. when i did it again on the 5th of november which was five days later it came up positive right away. sometimes if you do not have enough of the pregnancy hormone in your body it will not show up. I would wait a few more days and try again. good luck.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Every woman is different, and you may not have a high enough dose of the hormone yet. Also the test says it is only like 80 something percent accurate 5 days early. I am pregnant and when i took a test, i used the first response i believe and did it 3 days before my period was due and it was negative. You may not be pregnant, but don't completely trust that test yet.



answers from Minneapolis on

EPT is not actually one of the test for the earliest results, there are better ones out there, I happen to love the tests from the dollar tree, Same ones they use at planned parent hood type clinics. Here is a site that shows the levels of HCG for different tests. Oops here is the site




answers from Allentown on

It's important to note that not all pregnancy tests are the same. Additionally, the literature with the tests indicates that the very first pee of the morning is the one to use to test (highest concentration of hormone levels). Of course, that also means, you need to do it if you wake up in the middle of the night to pee...
When I was pregnant, my first test came back negative (3 days before my period was due). Fast forward about a week, when I was obviously late - positive.



answers from Miami on

my pregnancy tests will not come out positive until i actually missed a period. and blue dye pregnancy tests give you a lot of false hope. it did with me and i took 7 different kinds and i wasn't pregnant. i would wait until wednesday morning. if you're really desperate, try the pt's at the dollar store, that's what the hospitals and doctors use. and they've worked great for me. i used that when after the 7 blue dyes i used and it came out negative. that's how i knew i was not pregnant.



answers from Allentown on

I have been exactly where you are before. Twice where I was infact pregnant and it was saying negative. My first pregnancy I waited 2 weeks, just like you, and ofcourse it was a solid dark line. My 2nd, I tested the day of and nothing. We were trying and I was discouraged. I tested everyday and it took a couple of days after my period was due to get a VERY faint line. And I mean faint. I actually had it in the trash (just on top). I was sure that I was pregnant so I went back and held it up to a window and saw it. I called the doctor and they brought me in for bloodwork. According to their results, I was only a few days pregnant. So, my HCG levels were very low even though I was already almost a week late.

Basically the same exact story for my last one. I think I was due on Friday, tested that day and every day after. Finally got a faint line on Tuesday. This was on the First Response Early Pregnancy Test, which is supposed to be one of the best ones in stores for early results. The other one that I was talking about earlier was an EPT, if that helps you at all.

Basically just test everyday (if you can afford it) or every other day until you get your period or a positive result. I would also recommend you buying your tests in a multi-pack, it's cheaper.
Good Luck!!



answers from Philadelphia on

I think you should wait to get a better response. You may even start your period and save yourself a bit of money. Anyway knowing so early isn't going to change anything.



answers from Philadelphia on

Hello! I am really sure of my conception date. I had a positive pregnancy test 3 weeks and 1 day after conception... and that was just a cheapo dollar store test. I took another test a week or two before that one and it was negative. I was really sure I was pregnant because, like you, I just knew the signs and was really in tune to the slight changes with my body.

If you are, congrats! We're expecting our 3rd also... similar age gaps as your kids. :)


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