Had Double Marker Positive Bt FISH Test Normal

Updated on May 30, 2012
R.B. asks from Paris, VA
5 answers

iv been going through this forum...extremely releived to found so many moms or would be moms in same situation...im 37 and my NT NB scan was normal. MY Double marker at 12th week was positive. down syndrome risk was 1:92. and maternal age related risk came to be 1:142. then with doctor advice i went to CVS. FISH test thankfully came normal. Even after it coming normal Im tensed as FISH test is 96% accurate...im really worried. this is my second child. what shoul I do?

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answers from Chicago on

I can't recall what double market means...but do remember what someone told me ....that 1:92 means 91 don't have DS. I know it's tough but try not to worry!

I also remember being told that maternal age immediately pushes that ratio no matter what the results are for other markers. You are my age when I had my daughter....I remember them saying with my age the ratios wouldn't be much better even if all other markers were perfect.

You'll have many ultrasounds that measure lots of things...you will get a very clear picture of things!

Anything can happen obviously, but I'm sure all is good and you have nothing to worry about!

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answers from Minneapolis on

why are you worried if the test in 96% accurate and it came out normal? then I would think you are to be relieved. NOT worried. By the way FISH is accurate in rapid Trisomy 21, but still not accurate at Down Syndrome. There is still a great area of inaccuracy, depends on what chromosomes they are looking at when they do the test. It says everywhere that its LIMITED information. Even Amnio can be wrong. It can only give you a percentage and possibility of a fetus having it. The hard part about this? When a baby is formed, during conception, if they are fated to be down syndrome or ill with other things,well then they are ill, nothing you can do about it, till they are born. Worrying excessively wont help either. Just imagine your baby is fine. Think about your family and your husbands family. Are there any cases of Trisomy 21 or Down Syndrome? if not, then there is a wonderful chance your child is fine.
My sister was over 35 with her 2nd kid, and they told her to have an Amino, she did and they told her, her son had 86% chance at Hydroencephelitis (water on the brain) 52% chance of Down Syndrome, and would likely die a few minutes after birth. She went through the entire pregnancy miserable and upset. The baby never died or was naturally aborted, she prepared herself for the worst. I was in the room with her when he was born, and he came out perfect. Healthy and above average in all things. So just remember nothing is 100%

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answers from Philadelphia on

Your baby is fine. The FISH test proved that all the cells they tested are normal. Although it is possible the baby has some abnormal cells it would be very rare for this to be the case.
I had to wait another 2 wks after my baby's FISH test to get the full result. Then the docs were 100% sure my baby did not have a chromosome abnormality. I had an amino though.
Best of luck!

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answers from Seattle on

You should just wait for the full results of your CVS, they should do a full karyotype on the tissue the collected. The FiSH is done to get some preliminary results and in your case it looks good! I think with the negative FiSH you can relax and look forward to getting the full result.


answers from Norfolk on

Hi, R.:
Stop worrying, if you can.
You will do just fine.
Doctors are over doing it now with tests to
protect themselves from law suits.
They don't realize they scare women
half to death with all this technological knowledge.
Good luck.

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