One Week Late, Neg Pregnancy Tests

Updated on April 06, 2010
B.W. asks from Salt Lake City, UT
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As of today, I am now one week late. I've taken 4 pregnancy tests throughout the week....had a FAINT FAINT positive 6 days ago (could have been an evap line cuz I looked at the test after I'd thrown it away). Every other test after that has been negative. I've been nauseous all week and tired. With my other babies, I tested positive right away. I honestly am guessing that I'm NOT pregnant...but I'm usually really regular. My question is this: in your experiences with being late/neg tests....when it finally got resolved, did you get a period or were you pregnant? I'm mostly just curious!

We are trying to conceive, but are in no hurry. If this isn't our month, we will keep trying! Thank you!

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So What Happened?

I FINALLY got my period today....13 days late! Weird. Thanks though!

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answers from Salt Lake City on

With my two previous pregnancies I tested positive before I even missed my period. With this one, I didn't test positive until I was 11 days late. When I had an ultrasound they said I wasn't as far as I thought I was, I should have been 9 1/2 weeks according to when I had my period but was only 7 weeks according to the ultrasound. I was always very regular too, but after 7 years of birth control I wasn't as regular with this one, now I'm 17 weeks pregnant. Also when I did get a positive pregnancy test it was a very faint line at first, took two more days before I got a test with a darker line. Good luck!

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answers from Pueblo on

I've had lots of those situations. Sometimes, I was a week late and felt pregnant, with negative test, followed by period a few days later. Sometimes, I would even get a positive test, and a few days later, a negative test, then a heavy period. So, I think that many times, we miscarry without even knowing it. It is just nature's way...
However, miscarrying a week or two after you should have had your period is a lot easier on the body, than miscarrying at 12 weeks, so be happy, and try again...



answers from Denver on

I haven't read the other answers, so I apologize if I am repeating. You are not pregnant. The tests are VERY accurate these days. I've had this happen to me numerous times. After 14 days (late) I call the Dr and she always says, if the test says no, then no, and my period usually arrives shortly thereafter. The embryo might have been trying to emplant, but had issues, hence the lateness. Good luck with trying. I ALWAYS hope!!!



answers from Salt Lake City on

The faint positive does sound like it could be an evap line. I will also give you my anecdotal story. When I was trying to conceive my 2nd child, the first month we tried (we were able to conceive our 1st child in the 1st month) I tested negative for a week after my period was due. Probably wasted $100 on tests. I am regular like clock-work, so I was thoroughly convinced that I was pregnant and the tests were just wrong. I finally went to see my Dr., and he said 'If you think you're pregnant, then you are!" I finally relaxed about the whole thing, convinced he was right and even excited/nervous that I was pregnant, and what do you know, I started my period about 2 hours later. Doh! I did feel a bit foolish, but oh well. Until then, I never realized the tricks our bodies/minds can play on us.

My advice, is just try and relax! I know, easier said than done. ;)



answers from Savannah on

The average sensitivity of pregnancy tests will be listed on the box. I'm a Laboratory Technician, and perform these tests frequently. Negative tests tested on urine do not mean that you are not pregnant, as well as a positve does not mean you are. If you are using a Urine Pregancy Test, try to use the first morning void, as this will have the highest concentraton of hCG. Medications containing the pregnancy hormone hCG can provide a false positive result. A more accurate method is to have the same test performed on a blood sample. Another more accurate method is a check up with your medical provider. hCG levels in the blood rise daily, and at-home tests will be more accurate over time. The 99% accuracy stated by most tests are tested on known positive/negative samples. The at-home testing is usually lower, but is still above 98%.



answers from Salt Lake City on

I am going through the same thing, I agree with the person that said stress could be why your period is late,and/or I think one week late is too early for a preg test to pick up. We are trying to conceive...I thought I was pregnant last week, had all the symptoms, but for me I think it was just mental, I just got my period a couple days ago. This is the second time this year that I have thought I was pregnant.
I am just going to try to relax and keep trying. I think my cycle is out of whack because I just got off the mirena in January and I hadn't had a period in 2 1/2 years (pregnacy, nursing, and mirena) so hang in there! Quit wasting money on tests and just wait till you are a couple weeks late then take one!!! good luck!!!!



answers from Saginaw on

I went several years on birth control after my 2nd son was born. That birth control medicine really screwed up my periods. I would go months without having one, and then go with having them. It got to the point it was making me so sick I had to get off of them. Well once I got off them the doctor told me I had a year before my body would completly adjust. Well I went several months doing ok, I woke one morning to being so sick to my stomach I thought I had the stomach flu. Well as the day and weeks went by I started to feel fine, except for my breast were VERY tender.

I hadn't had a period in almost a year by this time, so I figured there was no way I could be prego, again! I took several, like yourself, pregnacy test, all of which came back negative. I just finally decided that my breast were tender and I wasn't going to get my period. Well a month went by and they just kept getting worse and worse, so I finally called my doctors office and talked to my nurse. She told me to take a pregnacy test, I told her i had, I had taken several and all negative. She asked me how long ago, Told her a month. She insisted that I take another one. Well I went and got another one and it came out positive. After getting an exam at the doctors office a week later I found out I was a month and half pregnant.

I know it seems like a long story, but my point is this. Just because you don't have a period, or because you do have a period, don't get your hopes up. And like one other person said, don't stress about it. Give your body a while. If in 2 and half weeks you still don't get your period, get another pregnacy test. If you read the back, most of them (atleast the ones i've seen) say they aren't very good below 4 weeks gestation.

So goodluck and I hope you get what you want soon!!!



answers from Chicago on

I'm always extremely regular, and one time,for some reason, I was four weeks late and needed a progesterone shot to get my cycle back normal. This was while we were trying to conceive, and at that time I was not pregnant.



answers from Atlanta on

I have had a similar situation years ago & it turned out to be stress delaying my period. If you stress over being pregnant or not than it will take longer to come back. Do you have a lot on your plate right now?

Another incident I went through when I started back into gymnastics. Being active can reduce your flow & even make you not have one at all. If you just started going to the gym or running your body will readjust when it is ready.

I hope this was helpful~! Good luck.



answers from Fort Collins on

A couple months before I concieved, I had the same issue. In September I had a cycle and then didn't get another cycle until November. That had never happened to me before. I had a burst cyst on my ovary in November and can only assume that is the reason I missed a cycle. I really thought I was pregnant. I had a lot of pregnancy symptoms, like nausea....

I got pregnant the next month in December. I hope that helps some and wish you luck!



answers from Denver on

I am usually pretty regular, but was 10 days late this month. That said, it really freaked me out, because I have a daughter for whom I never had a positive test. So, yes, it is possible to be pregnant without having a positive test. That time, I also did not have many symptoms of pregnancy. Few enough I thought that if I was pregnant I would loose the pregnancy. I had always tested positive before, even before I was due to start. Anyway, if you don't start soon, and still don't have a positive test, it's worth calling and asking for a blood test. Having worked in several doctors offices, I'll tell you, you might have a better chance getting that test run at your regular doctor than at your OB's office. That was my experience as an employee and as a patient. GL! I hope it happens soon!



answers from Denver on

I know you cannot get a false positive but can get a false negative. I would not trust the one you looked at that was in the trash. It had just been too long.

You may want to establish if you are stressed at all. I have had two times in my life were stress stopped my period and I was nauseated. Both times it was just a week or two late then when things calmed down it came.

Also, just sit back for a week and don't think about it. In one week if you still don't have it take another test. If it shows negative again then I would say you probably are not pregnant but need to get to the docs office to check things out.

Good luck!



answers from Grand Rapids on

I have always been regular as well and my last 2 cycles have been 51 days and 43 days. I am not pregnant.

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