8 Days Late for Period but Neg for 7 PG Tests

Updated on December 30, 2010
D.B. asks from Santa Rosa, CA
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my sis is really hoping for a baby. she hast stopped the pill at age 26. but is really hoping for a baby even this young. is there any mommas who had hoped for a baby that had 7 negative PG tests with a period 10 days late??

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So What Happened?

She finally got her period - over 2 weeks late, so yes, probably just so much hoping!! And yes, she is happily married for 7 years so that wasn't a concern, I just thought at 26 she could chill out a little more about it! Thanks for the thoughts!

Now I gotta get her signed up for mamapedia so she can ask!

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answers from Tampa on

I wouldn't say 26 is young... that's when my first child was born. Is this woman married, have a true significant other? I was a single Mother for my daughter and only just got married this November (my child was 5 y/o). It's HARD being a single Mother, and she really needs her ducks in a row if she's planning on being one.

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answers from Los Angeles on

What jumps out at me when I read this is; she's taken 7, not 1 or 2, but 7 tests in a 10-day span. That says anxiety and obsessing on getting pregnant. That kind of mental stress can actually make your period be delayed or skipped. You can't 'wish' yourself pregnant and periods are skipped for many reasons, not just pregnancy. Right after you stop the pill, periods are often irregular.

Your sister needs to get her mind OFF being pregnant, relax and let nature take it's course. Her focus on being pregnant isn't mentally healthy for her.

If she doesn't start her cycle in a couple of weeks, then take another test with the 1st urine of the morning. If it's still negative, then schedule an appointment with her physician or ob/gyn.

Good luck to her!

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answers from San Francisco on

Hi Donatabo,

I have not experienced this, but I just wanted to give my advice. Your sister is either late because she is anxious, or late because she is pregnant. I have heard of women who get a false negative. There really is no such thing as a false positive though. I found the site http://peeonastick.com/ very useful when I was trying to conceive. Stress can so funny things to our bodies. She should try to relax. And if she is that worried or concerned, she should visit her ob/gyn. They have more sophisticated testing methods. I hope this helps.

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answers from Johnstown on

I had several false negatives with my twins. I was told you can have a false negative, but not a false positive. Perhaps she's testing at the wrong time of day? Have her wait a week and then retest...but don't keep doing it over and over because she's only wasting her money on tests. If she doesn't get her period soon, and ends up with another negative home test, have her get her blood drawn; those tests are much more accurate. Otherwise, my guess is she's stressing over the whole pregnancy issue and is, in turn, delaying her period.

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answers from Jacksonville on

It's possible that she IS pregnant - she should go to her doctor and get a blood test. Some women just don't test positive on a HPT, if at all. I have a friend who didn't get her BFP until six weeks along! My best friend's mother tested negative on HPTs with both of her children - and only a blood test could confirm with her.

OR - she's so stressed out her body is responding by mimicking pregnancy symptoms - like no period. She needs to go to the doctor and find out for sure.

Best of luck - and I hope she gets that BFP!!!

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answers from San Francisco on

One piece of advice might be for her to take an early detection pregnancy test. I was convinced my 3rd pregnancy test was positive after 2 negative tests. However, my husband wasn't convinced because the line was barely detectable. I went and bought another test just to convince him and it was much clearer. Then, we could celebrate! I was already a little late with my period, but barely.
Good luck to her! I had my son when I was 27 and it is wonderful! Sometimes, I even wish I started a little younger.
If the tests are all coming back negative and she has no other signs of being pregnant then she might have to come to terms with not being pregnant at this time. :( However, I know I wouldn't be convinced until my period came. Best wishes to her! What a difficult time to be going through!



answers from Seattle on

MANY things cause late periods. Here are the two most common:

- Stress
- Dieting

Either can delay a period for MONTHS

3rd most common: spending significant time around other women. Women's periods tend to cycle together. The most delay this usually causes is about 6 weeks... but usually, it just changes the cycle by a week or two.



answers from San Francisco on

Hello, I thought it interesting for the day you posted because that is the day of our sons birht that even at 5 months showed negative with a pregnancy test! I am the mother of 5 and can tell you that 1 I was not even due for the test to show it and passed and have a son, then 2 who I had to take tests often because it kept showing negative. As long as your sister is prepared to have all the responsibilities and is prepared to havelittle in the way of money,sleep,free time and loneliness as a child is with you all the time then 26 does not seem to be very young. If she is not prepared for going it alone-- since you do not mention a father-- then she might wish to wait for awhile until she can handle it all on her own. I sure know that I could not have raised my children with out the major help from my husband. We were military and he was gone a year at a time so I do understand being a single parent.



answers from San Francisco on

Does she use ovulation kits or do her tempatures to determain ovulation? If so she "should" have her period 14 days after that (mine is 11 days).
I agree that if she just got off the pill her cycle needs some time to even out.
Is she taking any test with her first morning pee? That is the most accrate way.
She can go to the dr and request a blood test.
That being said I was almost a week late before I got a positive test with my daughter and with both my miscarriages I was was a couple days late when I went to the dr requesting a blood test.
Best of luck to her. We've been trying for our second for a long time and I understand what a stressful experience it can be.



answers from Houston on

When did she actually stop taking the pill? If it was recently, that is the reason that her period is late. It can take some time for her natural hormones to regulate.

That being said, I have gotten that same information as Erica...HPT false readings are nearly always (if not always) negative. Since the home tests detect levels of HCG, and those levels vary greatly in healthy pregnant women, it isn't always going to be positive as soon for some as others.

If she is concerned, then she should schedule some time with her doctor. However, don't expect that they'll do a blood test right away. Some will want to wait for a positive pee test (and other symptoms) before going straight to lab work.

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