A Battery of Negative OTC Pregnancy Tests -- No *Real* Period

Updated on June 18, 2014
A.D. asks from Studio City, CA
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I've read similar questions on this board and I guess I need a safe place to tell my story and hear advice.

My last typical AF was April 20. I had sex (withdrawal) a day after my period and sex with a condom a week later. About 10 days after protected (but not foolproof) intercourse, I had pink, fluid blood. I looked it up online and it seemed like it was implantation bleeding.

I was way too early to have a confident OTC preg test so I waited for when my period was expected to arrive (I can be as early as 21 days to normal at 28). I had this weird (maybe Implantation?) bleeding for a week. Bright pink and light but enough to use a pantyliner (TMI -- sorry!).

There was mild cramping but no other signs of pregnancy. My breasts were not tender or sore but maybe just a smidgen fuller (could be my imagination). No period. Bleeding ceased and I waited a week after my regular AF should've arrived. Negative on the Dollar Store tests (took two first thing in the morning). I then had bleeding a week later and cramping (but not as bad as my AF's can get). The blood was brown, red and some clots but no real flow or consistency. I bled off and on for appox. 8 days like this. Not enough for a tampon but enough for a light pad/pantyliner.

No pain. I waited a week after this bleeding stopped and even wondered if I had miscarried very early. Negative results on different, reliable OTC pregnancy test(s). I took one in the morning by peeing on it and the other in the evening dipping and timing it. Immediately, tests were NEGATIVE. No faint lines, no question. I relaxed and since I didn't experience any other preg symptoms, I continued on as normal (no sex -- I terminated the relationship at this point feeling that confident).

No weight gain, no nausea, no strange food cravings or other symptoms. I figured if I did miscarry my body may be out of whack.

I waited another week and felt fine. No cramping or odd twinges. I did have a bit of these with the last bleeding (not perfectly on time with when my AF was expected -- a week later?)

I went online and began drinking parsley, ginger and chamomile teas in rotation. I also took Black Cohish and Dong Quai. These stimulated my uterus but no AF. I did this for a week to 10 days and then tested again (different test -- slightly more expensive).

Again, Negative. I have taken OTC pregnancy tests now almost every other day and my period (going off the April 20 date) should be due sometime in the next couple of days (possibly overdue now on a 21 day cycle). I still have no other signs or symptoms of being pregnant.

I felt confident with my methodology. I didn't do the tests too soon and I didn't wait too long. I ceased the herbs just in the low probability they could effect the test (I don't think they can). I took another test today and NEGATIVE. I'll take the second tomorrow.

I've been pregnant twice before. The first was a natural miscarriage around 13 weeks. I tested positive days after my missed AF. It was a sudden miscarriage and I required the rest of the tissue to be removed. Very unpleasant ordeal. I exhibited symptoms and usual signs of pregnancy throughout until it terminated on its own. The second pregnancy had no detectable heart beat. I was given pills to flush the uterus around 8-9 weeks. My body responded well with minimal pain, normal bleeding, etc. With this, I tested positive a week after my first lapsed AF too.No implantation bleeding with either of these pregnancies. So I know I can conceive, I have had miscarriages, and I had symptoms with both with the hormone detectable ASAP. What gives with this one?

If I had any odd sense of being pregnant (intuition) it was around the 5th-6th week since LMP. I felt off and something "happening" down there but this feeling vanished within a few days and I don't sense anything unusual or a tip off other than a missing AF.

I'm going to bite the bullet and have a blood test. I'm in a sort of fog about this and have spent countless hours scouring the webs reading about false negative pregnancy tests. I also feel given my history that either I had a miscarriage or might regardless. I do not have any symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy. I actually feel in tip top shape. I have taken a battery of these OTC tests from the $1 cheapies to the digital First Response ones and everything from generic to name brand mid-price in between. I know when and how to take these tests properly. I'm very thorough and it seems unlikely I would err this many times (I've lost count!).

If I did miscarry...I can see how the tests would show negative as my hormones would drop (I have a fast metabolism if this matters) but then when will my period come? I really hope to pass it naturally if this is the case and not medically as it was awful.

I'll let you know when I do, but it is a mystery. Any thoughts, experiences, suggestions or words of wisdom?

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So What Happened?

Hi! Thank you so much to the quick replies so far. As to AF (I've seen this abbreviation on other sites and didn't know what it meant either -- it's Aunt Flow). I'm going to schedule a blood test just to be sure as I've read (on here and elsewhere) stories of false pregnancy tests. Given my history, the sooner I confirm, the better. I was at a friend's house tonight and she commented on my "bloated" stomach. I weighed myself and was shocked to find I've gained 10 lbs in the last month (highly unusual and I've been eating less not more so this could be another symptom of pregnancy or delayed menses-PMS-water retention).

I wouldn't be so stressed out if I hadn't read about so many false negative pregnancy tests online. If the blood test comes back positive though, I'll be glad I double-checked and only a little sorry I didn't follow up sooner. I really didn't start becoming so crazed until this last week. I kept thinking one of two things would happen: a period or a positive pregnancy test result. Neither is messing my head up.

As to my cycle, yes, it is regular, coming usually sooner not later. This is highly irregular for me. That light period in between April 20 and now was atypical compared to my regular periods combined with the strange bleeding at the start of May.

Thank you again and I will keep you updated on my prognosis.

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answers from Tulsa on

Here's my advice: Get off the internet, stop buying and taking tests, and go do something that has nothing to do with pregnancy. You are way too focused on this and don't have any real signs of being pregnant. Take a blood test if you can't believe the multitude of OTC tests, then let it go! You can miss periods due to stress or emotional issues and it sounds like you could use some relaxation. And I don't know what AF is, either.

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answers from San Francisco on

Stop wasting your money and time and just go to the doctor. Irregular periods are NORMAL, but of course anything that makes you worry is worth a visit to the doctor.
And what's an AF?

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answers from Springfield on

I think the most likely scenario is you have been thinking about this way too much which has caused your mind and body stress, thus delaying your period.

You've taken several pregnancy tests, and they've all been negative. The tests from the dollar store are just as reliable as the most expensive digital tests. This is one of those cases where the cost of the test does not correlate with it's effectiveness. They are all about 99% accurate.

The changes that you are actually pregnant are less than 1%.

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answers from Boston on

Um...I guess I don't see what you're even questioning. You had your last regular period almost two months ago, had a light period in between, and aren't pregnant. Is this the first time in your life you've had an off month? It happens. I wouldn't waste any more time, thought or money on this. If you did have a missed miscarriage, at this point there is nothing to pass.

Sometimes cycles get messed up. If you have no bleeding or spotting at all for a few months then it's time to figure out what's up. My guess? You'll be back on your regular cycle either this cycle or next.

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answers from Detroit on

I have had cycles last that.. 100 days long no period.. no biggie.. stop wasting money on preg tests you are not pregnant..

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answers from Amarillo on

What kind of stress have you been under in the last three months? Have you moved, changed jobs, fight with husband, hate the neighbors? These are things that bring on changes. I moved from Europe back to the states, stayed with my MIL for about a month and moved on to our next location and went house hunting immediately. When the AF (Aunt Flow) did not arrive I too took an over the counter pregnancy test and it turned out negative. I did not take any more and about three weeks later my period showed up in full force.

Call the doctor and get yourself checked out. We can't figure out what is going on with your body over the internet. Hopefully all will be well and you will live through this crisis to meet the next.

the other S.

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answers from Chicago on

You should see your GYN for a check up in addition to the blood test to check for pregnancy. Maybe there is something else going on.

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answers from Washington DC on

i'll think about it. but for now i can't get past a euphemism for 'menstrual period' that is then abbreviated. adult women should not talk this way.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Get a blood test.
Or call your OB/GYN.
Sounds like you're not pregnant. Sorry. :(

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answers from Norfolk on

See what the doctor and blood test say.
There is such a thing as a hysterical pregnancy but it could also be a hormonal problem, or any number of other things that could mess up your period without being pregnant.

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answers from Toledo on

Most doctors will accept the results on an OTC pregnancy test, so you I would think you'd feel confident that you're not pregnant. False negatives are very rare, no matter how many stories you've read on-line.

"No weight gain, no nausea, no strange food cravings or other symptoms. I figured if I did miscarry my body may be out of whack."

While Hollywood likes to play up those symptoms as the first indication of pregnancy, most women wouldn't experience weight gain or food cravings until several weeks into a pregnancy. Nausea is often experienced earlier, but sick bad I was with my pregnancies, I wasn't sick until about week 10.

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