Older Child: Munchkin

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Recommend Potty Training Seats...

S.M. asks from Phoenix

I bought The First Years 3 in 1 potty training seat for my son and when he sits on it his peter doesnt even come close to the hole he is to pee in. In fact I think h...


Son Isn't Eating

K.B. asks from Milwaukee

I am having difficulty finding foods my fourteen month old son will eat. At 11 months, he would eat pretty much anything and everything put in front of him. Then ab...


Finger Food Dilemma

A.H. asks from Dallas

My 9 1/2 month old won't eat finger foods. He puts them in his mouth but then gags. I've tried the little puffs, and the apple wheels and even watermelon. Does any...


Infant Autism Signs

L.S. asks from Kalamazoo

I have a beautiful 5 week old daughter. The only problem I am having with her is that she does not respond we talk to her or call her name. She looks at us all of t...


When to Transition to a Bigger Bed

K.W. asks from Raleigh

I have a adopted 2 year old. She has been sleeping in a toddler bed since she arrived home. I was just wondering at what age should we start transisting to a bigger b...


How to Transition from Bottle to Sippy Cup

B.L. asks from Raleigh

My son is 11 months, and I am trying to transition him to a sippy cup by replacing 1 bottle a day with a sippy cup. I was going to do this once a week, and replace an...


Getting a Child off the Bottle?

A.P. asks from Chicago

Im having a hard time getting my two year old son off the bottle ive been trying on to get him off the bottle for a couple months now and i have tried every sippy cup...


How to Stop Using a Nickname

L.L. asks from Hartford

At some point in my son's life we started calling him Goose, lol. I think it started as Silly Goose and just stuck. Only my husband and myself use this nickname for h...


JFF - Did You Have an in Utero Name for Your Baby?

D.B. asks from Charlotte

On one of the threads, some people mentioned that they didn't care for in utero names. I gave both my babies in utero names - did you? What were they? My younger ...