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Best Dog Food and Treats for Skye Terrier Mix

L.D. asks from Las Vegas

So it turns out that the dog food and treats that I have been giving my skye terrier mix has been upsetting his tummy. The vet told me that terriers are a lot like h...


Looking for a Food Dehydrator Locally

L.K. asks from Los Angeles

I have been looking for a food dehydrator. I found a bunch on line, but I want to be able to see them and compare them in person ( quality, size etc). My 3 year old...


Second Grader Wont Eat His Lunch

J.S. asks from San Francisco

I have a second grader who is an extremely picky eater and a vegetarian. I can't get him to eat his lunch. He'll get on a kick with something- like peanut butter sa...


My 4 Year Old Has a Severe Food Allergies, and Severe Eczema....

P.U. asks from Atlanta

I will like to find someone that it goes to the same situation, dealing with the allergies, avoiding food, the itchiness, if you know any recepies (my daughter has al...


Any Feedback on Fresh Food Feeders

K.B. asks from Detroit

I keep seeing these mesh things that you stick food in for your baby - is it just another thing to buy or is there merit to these?


My 5 Yr Takes Hours to Eat

T.B. asks from Kansas City

Hi, i have 5 year old daughter that is almost 6 and I am having major problems with her eating her food. It takes her a full hour to eat on slice of pizza(one square...


Does Anyone Know About Kosher Food

E.B. asks from Austin

My dd was just diagnosed with a severe sensitivity to casein, a milk protein, using IgG testing. So we're going to eliminate casein from her diet, which of course pr...


Protein for a Two Year Old Who Won't Eat Meat.

B.C. asks from Dallas

My almost two year old won't eat meat. Every so often, she'll enjoy a gerber graduates meal, but anytime I offer hot dogs, chicken, steak, fish, etc., she will NOT ea...


Healthy Eating, Need Granola Recipe

M.P. asks from Minneapolis

In my effort to eat healthier (and loose some weight), I am trying to eat more yogurt. The only way I can stand it is to put something crunchy with it - like granola....


How Bad Is Eating Ice? Silly Question..

R.D. asks from Richmond

You know those little plastic things you can pour juice into and make your own ice pops? Well my daughters keep asking me to use just water, to make, literally ICE po...