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Food from Target/ Walmart?

J.S. asks from San Francisco

Hi moms, I often buy food usually (boxed or canned) from walmart or target. After all this recalled stuff with lead in it, do you think it is safe to buy food and c...


Super Walmart or Super Target??

E.B. asks from Seattle

We have had a Super walmart in my area for awhile. I am not a rock solid fan of the mega store. But it has come in handy when I cant afford to hit up our Fred meyer...


Potty Target for Boys to Pee On?

A.S. asks from Pittsburgh

My 6 year old son always seems to end up making a bit of a mess when he pees. He goes standing up. (My 3 year old still sits down and that works fine). I tell him ...


Do You Shop at Target? (Vent)

C.V. asks from Los Angeles

I love Target and i've been shopping there for a long time, but lately something they've been doing with their prices is irritating the heck out of me. Ok when i shop...


Target Areas

R.B. asks from La Crosse

I have lost 12lbs so far. My goal is 20lbs total... but would really like to get to 30lbs total. I have a little ways to go yet, but getting there :) There is a no...


Gluten/Casein Free Diet with a Picky Eater?

M.E. asks from Jacksonville

We are wanting to put our daughter on a gfcf diet due to her autism diagnosis, but she is a very picky eater! I am worried that she will not get good nutrition. Right...


OUTRAGED. Help Explain This to Me... Any Target Employees Here, Btw?

M.B. asks from Washington DC

I like Target, so this isn't a bash to them or anything... Okay, I was just at Target an hour ago. While I was in line, I notice the lady in front of me is totall...



S.O. asks from Chicago

So I have started tracking my diet for medical reasons and since I am doing this I thought I might as well try to improve my diet all around. My question is how many...


Finicky Eater

S.D. asks from Sacramento

Please help me with ideas and advice! This is in regards to Reed. A healthy, yet thin, 9 year old boy. Reed refuses to try anything new unless it sounds good to hi...