Multi-level Marketing

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Looking to Work from Home

A.I. asks from Phoenix

I need to make some extra money. My youngest will start pre-school in two weeks and I want to work from home with flexible hours. I do not want to do multi-level m...


Something Similar to Juice plus - Without Pyramid Marketing - for My 5 Year Old?

D.C. asks from Dallas

Dear moms, I am looking for a Fruit/Vegetable complex multivitamin for my 5 year old who is a picky eater. Any thoughts please? Please, I'd like to avoid produ...


Any Input (Positive or Negative) on Mona Vie?

A.P. asks from Tulsa

Hello, A few days ago I was given a bottle of some "health" juice called Mona Vie. Apparently it is only distributed through multi level marketing which I'm not i...


Need Advice About How to Possibly Decline an MLM Party

E.N. asks from Orlando

Help, I need advice! My friend is throwing a pampered chef party and I don't want to go b/c I do not like MLM companies. I'm not going to buy anything. Do I te...


MLM Vs. Binary Compensation

T.H. asks from Chicago

Does anyone on here actually understand how they get paid working with a MLM or Binary company? What are the main differences? How much do you have to sell to make ...


Disagreement with Hubby over MLM Business

E.M. asks from Denver

So my husband got involved in a MLM business this past summer--I did not support the choice at the time as money is tight for us. He tells me I do not think long ter...


How to Say No to Friends Who Push MLM

K.S. asks from Denver

Hi ladies, I'm hoping you all might have some smooth words to help me out. I have a neighbor who is also a really good friend. She sells Juice Plus, the MLM vitamin p...


Anyone Out There Belong to a LEGITIMATE, TRIED and TRUE MLM?

A.W. asks from Chicago

I am looking to work from home, and I know there are a lot of great MLM's out there that can actually yield a decent income. I am interested in hearing from Moms who...


Need Some Ideas

R.S. asks from Charleston

Hello, My daughter was born prematurly so I stayed home with her until she was 3 months old. I went back to my teaching job a month ago and I have not worked a full...


How to Start Being a SAHM

J.A. asks from Los Angeles

Hi there mamas!! I am currently working and hate doing so because I would rather be home to raise my little one. He's currently 7 months old and i've had to go back ...