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Updated on May 30, 2006
S.O. asks from Chicago, IL
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Dear Mama source Moms,

If anyone knows of guaranteed work from home,,please share with me.
I have a two year old. I am lucky that I have the choice to stay home with her. I send her to an in home babysitter ,two days a week, so she interacts with kids and improves social skills. I have personal reasons why its absolutely difficult for me to have a full time job and leave her five days a week for eight to ten hours. I just can't.I envy mothers who can and admire them and respect thier reasons.But I have two older sons from a previous marriage.Thier father took them away illigally three years ago.The last time I had contact with them was two and a half years ago.On my older son's 7th birthday.Anyways. This probably will explain to some of you why I just cannot have a full time job yet and be away from my baby.
However I really need the extra money.So If you know of ways that I can make money from home .Please share it with me.
Thank you

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I understand you not wanting to be away, I could NEVER do it either. I have a very serious business that I do from home. I do 70% of everything during naps and after bedtime and I have a babysitter for the remaining 30%. I work about 20 hours per week, only about 5-8 hours per week are away from home. If you are interested in meeting to talk about it please call me. Please only call if you are serious (my time away from my baby is very limited). I would love to help you.
Shelly Stone



answers from Chicago on

I have recently started as an Independant Consultant with Arbonne International. Arbonne is a health and wellness company offering over 300 pure, safe and beneficial products.

I decide when I work but I do have to work at least 10-15 hours a week.

It's been an unbelievable experience for me. Not only am I learning so much about women's health but I am making great $$$ sharing and helping others.

Arbonne is a multi-level-marketing company, like tupperware, Avon, Shakley or Mary Kay only you DO NOT carry inventory. People order online themselves and have product shipped directly to them. As a consultant I share the Arbonne story and my own testimonial of my experience with the products. The rest takes care of itself.

If you are interested, I can talk with you more or direct you to some information on the internet or some phone #'s to gather info.

Just drop me an email or give me a call at [email protected]____.com or ###-###-####.

Good Luck with whatever you do! I appreciate staying home as I stay home with my 3 little ones - 2, 4 and 6 years old. I was recently faced with having to go back to work because we need the money and this opportunity came along.



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Try watching a couple of kids in your home .It's good money and she'll get to interact with other children.
You'll also be able to stay at home with her



answers from Chicago on

I recently just left my job in advertising to be a stay-at-home mom and have found Baby Splendor to be a source of extra income. I'm an Independent Consultant for them -- they're similar to Tupperware and Pampered Chef where all of the products are fun, innovative baby and kids items! All of the products are sold through home parties or catalog/web sales. Take a peek at the products at my website -- www.susiemaryellen.mybabysplendor.com. The new spring/summer line just came out and the products are adorable!

If you decide to become a consultant, you earn a minimum of 25% commission on all of your sales. I can provide you with more information if you're interested in learning more. You can e-mail me at [email protected]____.com.



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Feel free to check out my website. I work from home part time now for 2 years with this team.

I am more than happy to meet with you, or call me ###-###-####

A. - wahm of 2

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