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Updated on April 19, 2008
T.B. asks from Federal Way, WA
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Hello, Im struggling with trying to determine which step I should take next in my life. Ive been a stay at home mom for 5 years now and my son will be attending kindergarten this September and I would like to either return to school to complete my Masters degree or start an home based business online. We just refinanced our home and paid off our debt which includes my previous financial aid so Im not so open to taking out more financial aid, but I cant afford to pay for college out of pocket. But on the other hand, I have a Bachelors degree and I should be able to start a home based business now but where do I start? There's a millions scams out there, and I dont want to have any home parties;done that, MLM;done that too and just not sure which way to go. Either rack up another 40k in debt to get specialized in some field for my Masters degree or try and find a legitimate stay at home business where Im not spending all my nights and weekends having "parties" which takes away from our family time. I know someone else is out there who can help.

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answers from Seattle on

Hi T....I know how hard that decision can be. Look at my website This business has been a blessing for me and I think you would love it as well!! Good luck in your quest!! Have a great day!



answers from Seattle on

Figure out what service or product you have to sell. The more unique the better. WSU offers a free service to new businesses in the greater Seattle area, helping with forcasting, cash flow, and business plans. I am a QuickBooks accounting specialist and I set up new companies and help with the finances, PR taxes and sales tax. I also do organizational management which includes setting up a filing system. My husband and I owned our own company for 10 years, put it to rest and now I have Nicole Daniel Services, Inc. I have worked with a variety of industries and I am well aware of the pitfalls that companies can fall in. It is great to be your boss but you have to understand your financial responsibilities in order to be successful.



answers from Spokane on

I think that an education is priceless and that if you don't get your masters that one day you might regret that. I have a home based business and it is really wonderful, this is so easy and inexpensive that you really could do bothit doesn't take alot of time or money. I know that you are getting a lot of responces with links to e-mail address, so here is mine: I would recommend getting your degree, otherwise you may feel that it is something you did not accomplish. Good luck



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Hi! I have a friend who has had an in-home business for three
years now and she is always talking about it, so I am considering doing the same thing. She used to work with me
outside the home, and the way she loves being home with her
baby sounds great. Her name is Sarah and her e-mail address
is [email protected]
Good luck in your decision!
:>) J.



answers from Seattle on

Hi T.,

I understand your dilemma. I've BTDT. I'm currently working from home and found that unique home biz that isn't MLM, isn't home parties, and is legit and risk free. Furthermore, w/o huge start up buy ins. You can check out my mamasource ad under home employment (

I don't do any high pressure anything, life is too short. I like to give people the information they seek and let them make a decision that's right for them.

If you'd like to hear more I'd be happy to schedule some time to chat.

Whatever you decide, best of luck to you!



answers from Louisville on

I completely understand your situation. I do have a question, have you checked out Arbonne International? Yes, we sometimes do the party thing but it's not a requirement for this business. You can meet with prospects during the day while the kids are at school so you still have your family time. It's very little investment, only $29.00 to start and I have to tell you, I would love to kick myself right now. I focused on my Nursing career while my cousin and mother worked this business. After only two years they both own white mercedes, paid for by Arbonne, and making 3 and 4 times what I make as a nurse! My cousin loves it because she can spend time with her 6 children and husband. If you would like to check it out you can visit and click on Opportunity Presentation, or contact me [email protected] ###-###-####. Best of luck!



answers from Seattle on

Hey T.,

If you are that far along in your schooling, i would suggest finish it and get that paper in your hand. Not alot of people continue to pursue their degrees. And even if you dont utilize it right away, you still have it. Its an accomplishment. I bet you would feel really good about yourself with sticking with something and following it thru till the end.

You could also work PART TIME from home having your own home based business. My husband and I are trying to set ourselves up for the future. We flip houses, he does have a full time job as well, andim a stay at home mom and i have a home business as well that does very well thats NOT an MLM and we do not have parties (i didnt want to do that either). I only work part time around our busy schedules, maybe 2 to 3 hours a day M-F.
I didnt finish and get my degree, I had just a few months left of college and then i would have recieved it) It now to late to go back and finish. the class has completely changed. Although im fine without it, i regret not completing the courses and following thru with something that my parents worked hard for to put me in.

Do some soul searching. Take a few days and make a list of positives and negatives about finishing school to earn your degree, and also with working from home. Both could be life changing events, so figure out what direction you REALLY want to go. I think its important, for women especially, to be empowered and be able to take care of themselves if gosh forbid something ever happens where you need to be the sole provider of your household...

Good luck to you!
Let us know what you end up doing!
D. Ryan

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