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Want to Invest in a Franchise Any Advice

S. asks from Dallas

I am wanting to invest in a franchise to be able to work part time and get out of the Corporate world. I am not looking for a MLM company .Does any one have any idea...


Looking for Work

L.H. asks from San Diego

Hi Moms, I am really hoping that someone out there can help me. I have been a stay at home mome now for the past 5 years and I am now ready to work again! The probl...


Thinking of Starting a Home-based Business

L.B. asks from Dallas

I have done several of those "home-based businesses" that are supposedly not MLM, but they are. (I am definitely not into that) I have been thinking for a while of s...


Juice plus Questions

J.W. asks from Denver

Hi Everyone! My child was suffering with chronic stomach aches. I took him to the doctor the other day and they have put him on some meds for constipation and aci...


Info for Making Income from Working on Computer at Home

M.R. asks from Los Angeles

Hi Ladies! I live in So. Cal and I'm looking to see if there is any employment from working on my computer. My husband is temp totally disabled, and I work part-t...


Your Experience with JuicePlus+

A.G. asks from Chicago

I went to a "wellness talk" with an acquaintance last night. It ultimately ended up being a gentle sales pitch for JuicePlus+. The product sounds great as a supplem...


Looking for Non-Sales Work at Home

K.J. asks from Los Angeles

I've been looking around for work-from-home opportunities and have found that most of them involve some type of sales which is not what I want. I am also very wary a...


Foundation for VERY Fair Skin

B.. asks from Dallas

I have such a hard time finding a foundation. Mac used to work great for me, until I became more diligent about sunscreen. Now, they don't go light enough. I am VERY ...


Anyone Familiar with "Juice Plus?"

X.O. asks from Chicago

A nurse at my husband's work gave him a packet of information today (intended for me), as she thinks I should sell it. I am usually skeptical of these types of thing...


Mona Vie??

H.B. asks from Dallas

Has anyone tired it? And what do you think of it?? Give me some info on this please? I know that its one of those pyramid companies. Which Im always leary about....