Multi-level Marketing: Child

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Something Similar to Juice plus - Without Pyramid Marketing - for My 5 Year Old?

D.C. asks from Dallas

Dear moms, I am looking for a Fruit/Vegetable complex multivitamin for my 5 year old who is a picky eater. Any thoughts please? Please, I'd like to avoid produ...


Guetting My 5 Year Old to Write and Color.

M.B. asks from Jacksonville

Help!!!! My son just turned 5 last January. He is in Pre-k and the teacher told me that he does not wants to write his name. Well, he does not wants to write or pai...


6 Year Old with ADD and Dyslexia

D.B. asks from Sumter

Let me start with some back round. I found out recently that my daughter has ADD and dyslexia. We have suspected the dyslexia for years now, but could never get the ...


Update About Me Being Excluded from Cali Vacation

E.V. asks from Phoenix

I talked about this with a girl,she is a senior member of the group. Not talking actually, just by an application like whatsapp( chatting). This is what I wrote ( my...


Really Need Encouragement

D.D. asks from Denver

My husband wants to(OR is) participate in a MLM, I do not want anything to do with it. I don't think they are good. I don't like depending on other people to make a ...


My Son Was Diagnosed with ADHD, but I Won't Put Him on Medication

C.G. asks from Chicago

I have a 6 year old who was diagnosed with ADD. His biggest problem is that he can not focus/pay attention. The school has put him on an IEP plan and he attends a d...


Legitimate Work from Home Jobs - Preferably Online Jobs

L.O. asks from Houston

HI! I have some mom friends who are seeking legitiate work from home job opportunities & I thought this would be the best place to ask this question. Please, NO MLM...


Questions About Working from Home and Mlms

J.M. asks from Atlanta

Hi there, I am looking into a new venture that is a MLM company and would allow me to work more from home. I am interested in hearing responses from other mom's out ...


Looking for Work

L.H. asks from San Diego

Hi Moms, I am really hoping that someone out there can help me. I have been a stay at home mome now for the past 5 years and I am now ready to work again! The probl...


Juice plus Questions

J.W. asks from Denver

Hi Everyone! My child was suffering with chronic stomach aches. I took him to the doctor the other day and they have put him on some meds for constipation and aci...