Multi-level Marketing

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Legit Work at Home Company's, No MLM Please.

K.G. asks from Dallas

HEllo fellow Mama's, I am currently in search of a few legit work at home company's. Are any of you moms out there working from home, and making a good salary doin...


Just Curious

H.M. asks from Los Angeles

This might sound stupid, but what does MLM stand for. I've seen it in a couple if questions today and I'm just curious.


Update About Me Being Excluded from Cali Vacation

E.V. asks from Phoenix

I talked about this with a girl,she is a senior member of the group. Not talking actually, just by an application like whatsapp( chatting). This is what I wrote ( my...


Really Need Encouragement

D.D. asks from Denver

My husband wants to(OR is) participate in a MLM, I do not want anything to do with it. I don't think they are good. I don't like depending on other people to make a ...


All the Self Employed Moms, Mlms, Freelancing Etc

N.P. asks from Los Angeles

Hello Mommies, I have been thinking of doing some work while being at home to get in some additional income.I have been evaluating a couple of options including MLM,...


Legitimate Work from Home Jobs - Preferably Online Jobs

L.O. asks from Houston

HI! I have some mom friends who are seeking legitiate work from home job opportunities & I thought this would be the best place to ask this question. Please, NO MLM...


Shaklee Employment Questions

M.S. asks from Chicago

I've been using shaklee products for about a year now, and love them. I heard that you have to sign up 5 people in order for you to sell. Is this true? Do you real...


Anyone Working a Successful 'Network Marketing' Business?

T.R. asks from Orlando

I would like to know if it has been successful for you and why you think it has been, and of course your ideas of the benefits vs a traditional corporate job. I'm not...


Work from Home...

M.B. asks from Los Angeles

So I dont know if this is going to get removed or not. I was wondering what you women do to make money. I have been trying to get a job for a yr and nothing. I have a...


Questions About Working from Home and Mlms

J.M. asks from Atlanta

Hi there, I am looking into a new venture that is a MLM company and would allow me to work more from home. I am interested in hearing responses from other mom's out ...