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Updated on January 16, 2011
C.R. asks from Everett, WA
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Hey Gals,
So, I've heard a bit about this company, website... I'm not quite sure what to call it. What exactly do you DO for them? I've read their website, but it doesn't actually say what the work is. Hmmm... So, any experience with it? Good, bad?

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So What Happened?

Thanks gals... From both perspectives (it's a good company, it's not a good company), it still sounds like it's phone calls and sales. Either way, I'm not interested in sales. I'm looking for more of an online gig - posting links, proofreading, writing articles/blogs, etc. I don't want to sell to people or really be on the phone at all for that matter. If you have any ideas on how to go about finding that let me know. Thanks again for your input!

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answers from Charlotte on

I have learned that when companies don't say what they do, they are hiding something, so RUN RUN RUN away from companies like this!!

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answers from Kansas City on

I agree with Tori F. !! If they can't just SAY what they do, then it is suspect to me!! They want a bunch of info before you can even get a straight have to give up contact info FIRST so they can "sell you" on joining and/or selling their wares. Then they can keep hounding you because you gave them your info voluntarily. NO THANKS!!

PS: Before you say anything, I know someone will tell me that "no they don't keep contacting you." Some reps do, some reps don't. I won't take the chance.

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answers from Washington DC on

You might want to check out or for freelance work.

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answers from Tulsa on

Melaluca only cost $1, but then they caharge your credit card 40-70 per month minimum. Many complaints can be found online.

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answers from San Francisco on

If it doesn't say than it isn't worth checking into. If they can't be honest upfront it more than likely is a pyramid scheme.

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answers from Dover on

I work with them. The reason the website doesn't SAY exactly what is involved is because there is a lot a of information to share. To share this information correctly and give you all the information you need and to answer any/all your questions so you can make your decision, you really need to speak to a representative and listen to or watch a presentation.

Happy to help if you want more info.

Unlike what some posters have suggested we do not require much information from you upfront (we obviously need to contact you and know what you are looking for so we know if we can help you but that is really it), we don't hound you, and we are NOT an MLM company. The only products you purchase are those that you already use in your home.



answers from Dallas on

It's a company called Melaleuca. Good products, a bit pricy, direct marketing of products with a multi-level marketing type of component to the business. You sell the products, build a team, etc. to make money. It's selling. Biggest problem that I found was it's an automatic monthly order, regardless - you're supposed to order 35 "points" (or $45-70) per month in product, but if you forget, they send an auto-order (misc. products -their auto order or you can customize one).


answers from Dallas on

I agree with some other posters... If someone can't come clean online to share the business model, etc and the ONLY way you learn is to sit through their spill.........RED FLAG WARNING

It is a MLM, the recruit people to sell, invest, recruit. YES, recruiting, building teams and selling IS MLM.

If I were you.... Look for something legit that will give you information without hounding and pushing you to sign up.




answers from Atlanta on

It's NOT a pyramid scheme....aaargh. It is affiliated with Melaleuca, the Wellness Company and they are a member in good standing with the BBB. As a matter of fact they have been awarded the Torch Award which is for INTEGRITY. Melaleuca is not even Multilievel. The BBB does not accept multilevel members.

I would be glad to give you more info if you like. I am not in Work at Home United but I do use Melaleuca products and can give you info on their procedures and how they make money. I won't twist your arm for anything....promise!




answers from Missoula on

I use to do this. They are a good company to buy from, but you have to buy about $70 each month of stuff (including shipping) and it's really hard to make any money with it. You call people all day long. I never made more than $25 a month.

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