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Updated on August 20, 2008
R.S. asks from Summerville, SC
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My daughter was born prematurly so I stayed home with her until she was 3 months old. I went back to my teaching job a month ago and I have not worked a full week yet because she first got an upper respiratory infection and then a GI bug. I feel extremely guilty leaving her day, although she could not have a better sitter. I would like to work from home but I absolutely will not call people up and try to sell them things and I have done the whole multi-level marketing schemes where I make more money if I get people "under" me. I do not want to do that. Are there reputable companies out there that need workers from home? If so who are they?


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answers from Charleston on

I was reading on MSNBC the other day and there is a company called Arise ( is the link. It was one of the very few that they recommended as legitimate work at home companies. I have actually read quite a bit on their website and they do seem very legit. I hope this helps!

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answers from Augusta on

I had also thought about working from home but it just seems like your making more money for someone else or having to "throw parties" to try and force people to buy products.And I have to tell you, the most annoying sellers are the one's who stop you while shopping or motion you over to try a sample and then try to script talk you into buying themost pricy product they have.And while I believe in doing what you need to do to support yourself,but geez that is i decided instead of doing that im going back to school.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Hey R.-
I work from home with the M.O.M Team. Its not a MLN, not do you have to have parties or sell anything. There isn't any large investment or anything. The greatest part about this opportunity is that it is RISK FREE! If your interested about what I do please visit my website and fill out the get info page. Of just message me (or [email protected] with your contact information and the best time to reach you. I hope to hear from you soon!



answers from Savannah on

Here are some links you can try also. I don't know about any of them but I got them from a Yahoo group for Marine wives I'm part of. And we as wives ar always looking for jobs to work at home or part time so we don't have to worry about the kids when the hubby's are away.

If you would like some more let me know and I can give you about 4 or 5 more to check into.




answers from Columbia on

I can suggest working doing aba therapy? it is not stay at home but ou could work a few hours the shifts you want say when your husband is home. i was a spec ed teachert and then decided to stay home with my two little ones. We need some more income so i am doign aba through sceap. it is $10 and hour or a lead is $16 and the shifts are 2-4 hours. my other suggestion is online tutoring. the hours are pretty strict and i thinkit only pays $10 but you can be at home.
Good luck and post if you find anything great. if you do like the idea of aba with sceap please let them know I told you about them.
M. J



answers from Atlanta on

Hi R.,

You may be interested in the company I work for. I have been working at home using my computer and headset. Calls come to me. Log on too: and enter ACP# 39296 in drop down as person who referred you. Arise contracts with different companies to use "Work At Home Agents" You can email me if you have any questions. Email: [email protected]

A. Hollifield



answers from Atlanta on

I am in the SAME boat and did a little research and found this
The company has been featured on several TV shows such as MSNBC, TODAY Show, etc and in many magazines. I have not tried it myself but they are listed with the BBB and seem to be reputable. It sorta like contracting yourself out to other businesses. Let me know what you find/think. I too have done the MLM and do not want to sell anything at all!

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