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Updated on October 24, 2008
S.T. asks from Kansas City, KS
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I keep reading about the MOM team if there is anybody that does this please let me know I've tried a few work at home scams and I'm scared to make that leap again but I would really love to be able to stay home with my kiddos and be apart of there life more. S.

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answers from Springfield on

Have you cheked out any other businesses. I am a stay at home mom and I sell Usborne Books at home. My kids get all my time and I have a great library for them to read. Let me know if you want some info on this. It is an awesome Company.

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answers from Kansas City on

I have an opportunity I would love to share with you. I searched for 2 years for an "at home" business that was not a scam. I LOVE MY JOB! It's a great company that you can believe in! Please contact me so I can give you all the wonderful details! [email protected]

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answers from St. Louis on

Hi, S., I don't nkow if you're still looking for a home-based opportunity but if you are, I recently started with FourPoint and have been very happy with it. It is not "get rich quick" but it is bringing in some much needed income and there is lots of room for growth. Best of all, I can do it at night after the kids are in bed.

More info below, if you want to be take a look and ask to be contacted.

Best of luck, S.!!!!!


answers from Kansas City on

What always worries me about these "work at home" companies is they always say on their website "No large investment," or "money back guarantee." My feeling is that I shouldn't have to invest any of MY money in order to work for a legit company. I'm especially leery because they are incredibly vague on their website. They give virtually no information about what they do, let alone what they want you to do for them. Plus, you have to give your personal information in order to find out more. I'd be cautious... Just my opinion though...



answers from St. Louis on

There are many work at home or work from home opportunities out there. I have been in Direct Sales for 6 years now, and as someone who left a well paying corporate America job to stay home when my daughter was born, I am a big supporter of it!!

I am not going to lie to you, direct sales is work! But if you can invest 8-10 hours a week, some of them outside of the home in the evening, you can make decent money!

A great way to check out a company to make sure it isn't a scam is to go to the Direct Selling Association's website, All companies must adhere to a code of ethics and be in business for at least a year to become a member of the DSA.

Most companies that offer work from home oportunities are going to require a start up fee, though it should be minimal, and you should receive products to demo and enough supplies to do 4-6 shows. I would not pay more than $200, and even that is high as most companies are offering low or free startup fees.

Some things that played a big part in my decision were:

1. Money - I didn't want to handle the money. I would rather wait a week to get paid than have to worry about checks bouncing. Some prefer to handle the money and get paid that night.

2. Inventory - I did not want to have to keep products on hand. Spending money up front and then trying to sell the products didn't make sense to me.

3. Delivery - I wanted the products shipped directly to my hosts.

4. No autoshipping or required monthly purchases.

These are just a few things to consider. And like I said, there are lots of opportunities out there! If you have any questions about anything I have said, feel free to email me at [email protected]



answers from Kansas City on

Don't know anything about MOM Team, but my cousin Denise has worked from home for years. You know the box you see sometimes at a company website that says "LIVE ONLINE HELP"? That's her. Her company does the customer service for several companies. I recently wrote to ask her for information about how to get this type of work for a friend of mine who wants to spend more time with her daughter. Here is the information my cousin gave me on two companies she knows about:

"Have your friend check out these companies

I work for LiveOps. Thing is, you have to work your way up. Money isn't instantaneous. I work 5.5-6 hrs daily, seven days a wk, and I'm, after 4 yrs., in one of the top groups. We pay our own taxes, etc. I make on avg $3k/ Mo, which is pretax dollars.

I have a couple of friends working Alpine. They just work for a single client, like GE, or AAA or an airline. This is much easier for most people, cause you don't have to sell and be very familiar with a host of different products."



answers from Tulsa on


I've been working from home happily for two years with The MOM Team. I can assure you that we are NOT a scam. I'd love to tell you all about it - and answer all of your questions personally. Feel free to visit my website at and fill out the GET MORE INFO form. We'll set up a time to chat that works for your schedule.

Great question! Let's get it answered! :)



answers from St. Louis on

Hey S.!
Yes I have heard of the Mom Team, but remember that there are so many "Mom Teams" out there that you really need to be careful. I agree that staying home and raising your children is one of the challenges that face all moms today! It's something that we all want to do, but can't seem to find the solution. Yes there are so many scams out there and talking to others that are a success is how you make it work! Seeing is believing!
If your interested in learning more about what I do, and love, just message me and I would be happy to share the information I have.
Looking forward to talking! Janal



answers from Wichita on

Here you go. The MOM team is one of many teams that works for a health and wellness company called Melaleuca. You can go to to see their products. The fantastic part about their products is that they are made with non-toxic ingredients, so all of your home products are safe.

Back to the teams. To become a member of Melaleuca, you have to agree to buy a certain amount of products a month, which is quite easy if you just buy everything you need from them and stop buying at Wal-mart, Target, etc. Once you become a member, you have the ability to refer others to the company. They only advertise by word of mouth. When you refer someone else to the company, you receive a percentage commission, and you get that commission every month after that the person keeps re-ordering. If they refer a someone, then they get the main percentage and you get a percentage as well. This goes on for a certain amount of generations (I can't recall, exactly) This is how you make money.

The teams of people are those that are working together to help new members learn how to get others to enroll. I was never on the MOM team, I am on one called Stayin'Home and Lovin' It. I personally don't make enough income to stay at home, but it is because I don't do enough work on it to do so. There are many people making plenty doing this.

The reason the websites are so vague, is that Melaleuca does not allow the "selling" of their name or product on any other website but their own, and there are specific rules on making your own web pages to promote them. So, the team websites can only say so much.

So, here I am typing a book. If you want, you can PM me, and I'll give you my phone number or call you. There is a free webcast you can watch to get all of the info on how it works.
I'm another mom looking for the best way to work from home. I'd be glad to share the other things I have tried or am trying.



answers from St. Louis on

Hi Sandy!
I work for the MOMTEAM and I Love it!!! It is a wonderful business and I would love to tell you more about it. Please email me at [email protected] and I will call you to tell you more about it. It truly has been a blessing to my family




answers from Kansas City on

Hey S.,

I work from home part-time for AmeriPlan (still working my full-time as I just started with AmeriPlan). I am an independent broker and we get paid on commission when we enroll someone into one of our four discount plans. It's great because 1) we don't host parties or keep inventory, 2) we don't cold call or telemarket and 3) we make our own hours. I know the hesitancy with investing any money but with AmeriPlan (and the MOM team, I believe) these are businesses rather than JOBS. We are not told when we work, we work when our schedule allows. It's totally flexible and it does take time, as with any business, to build.

If you would like more information, I would be glad to send it your way. Feel free to check out my website at: If you would like to chat more about what you would be doing and how you get paid, click on "Request an Interview." I'll contact you within 48 hours. Or feel free to email me at: [email protected]

Have a Blessed Day and Good Luck!!

D. Darnell
Independent Business Owner
AmeriPlan USA



answers from Springfield on

I am with the MOM TEAM and I have been with them since March and I LOVE IT.... I am able to switch places that I shop and i am saving money and they offer lots of benefits. I am also making money doing this. The MOM TEAM is a NO selling, no cold calls, No pyramids and offer a NO risk guarantee to try.... Also this month until the 31st it only cost ONE DOLLAR TO join..... WHICH IS AWESOME!!
If you would like to go to my website and fill out the info....You can then go to the guest area and it will give you my enrollees id number and check us out.....



answers from Kansas City on

All I can say is do your research!
I have heard nothing but negative things
Be careful
A company MUST have all 5 critical elements in place to insure the success of their distributors! This MOM Team is Mellaluca and from the research that I have done they DO NOT have all 5 elements in place. I researched a lot of companies out there and found the same results until I came across Vitamark.

If you are serious about starting a business and making money from home Vitamark is quickly becoming the #1 choice for a home based business. You can read my success story here

You know Vitamark may not fit for you it doesn't fit for everyone and that is 100% OK at least you can get all your questions answered then you will know where to go from there Feel free to call me anytime.



answers from Wichita on

I sell Home & Garden Party which is wonderful for any mom, when you want time with the kids and you can set your own schedule it is great.I have been very successful with my Home Party Plan, it is a wonderful company to work with and I do make a nice income every month. My husband actually got me started with H&GP, I have NO regrets, I quit my retail job because I was making more money in less time! If you are interested in more information please contact me at [email protected] or ###-###-####.

Also this link will take you to the company website:

Advantages: Small startup cost, NO Delivery, NO inventory, 30% to 40% commission plus bonuses!

Many mom's have found this to be a great opportunity to be home and still make a wonderful income.

Again, please feel free to contact me at your convenience.




answers from Kansas City on

If I were you, I would Google "the Mom team" and read all you can, both positive and negative, before you invest time or money in it. It may not be a "scam" but it is Multi Level Marketing, which can take a lot of work and a lot of time before you can really make money at it. As with any MLM, it may not be worth the time (and of course, money) you would have to invest, even if you can work from home.

I understand the desire to work from home. If you can find the right job, it could really be great for you and your kids. You're smart to be hesitant about making that leap into a work-at-home scam. There are a lot of them out there.

Have you tried networking with family and friends to find out about any possible jobs that would offer hourly or salary pay for working from home? Again, you'll still have to be careful and make sure you research the companies, but sometimes family and friends can be your best resource to finding a good job.

I know it's tough to find a work-at-home job, but don't let down your guard. Do a lot of research and be careful of scams that require more money and time than they are worth. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Good luck!



answers from Springfield on

I can definitely help you! My home phone is ###-###-####, email - [email protected]

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