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Updated on September 17, 2011
B.. asks from Rockwall, TX
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I have such a hard time finding a foundation. Mac used to work great for me, until I became more diligent about sunscreen. Now, they don't go light enough. I am VERY pale. I mean, I'm pretty much translucent. I can't find a foundation that isn't too dark. I do prefer a fuller coverage foundation. I figure I'd ask you ladies.

I thought I'd mention...I don't want to go to a store and get help from a sales person. I don't have time for that, my son will be with me. I'd love some recommendations, so I can go into Ulta or Sephora (Don't have department stores near where I live) and look myself. I don't want a MLM company, or to deal with going through a consultant. Not meant to offend, I just have an Ulta and Sephora right down the road!! I save money for really good foundation, so cost is not a concern. Thanks!!!

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So What Happened?

I found something earlier this afternoon!! If you're fair or just looking for a super quality makeup, try laura Geller!! (I got mine at Ulta.) It's kind of pricey, but the quality is awesome!!

About Bare Minerals...they used to have a color lighter then fair. (I don't remember what it was called.) They did not make it for very long. I am MUCH paler then fairly light. Fair is lighter then fairly light, then they had one lighter then that.

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answers from Dallas on

I know you found something, but if you need another option, my daughter swears that benefit "Hello Flawless!" is the best foundation ever. She is extremely pale and can't use most foundations. You can get it at Ulta or Sephora.

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answers from Phoenix on

I am very fair and along with that comes ultra sensitivity to many facial care products.

I use the Kirkland by Borghese products sold at Costco's. Honestly, I love it. They have a fair tinted, with SPF 15 Zinc Oxide liquid foundation.

I have had horrible reactions to Bare Minerals, any product with Octinoxates, Mary Kay, Avon (very bad)...but not Kirkland's products.

I also tried Origins recently as they have a foundation/sunscreen combo with Zinc Oxide, but it's very thick...which meant very tacky and uncomfortable for all day wear.


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answers from Raleigh on

I am also very fair (blonde/blue-eyed) and love Almay Smart Shade (light) makeup SPF 15. About $10-$11 a tube. Gives great coverage without feeling heavy. It comes out white in the tube, and conforms to your skin's natural color. I sound like a commercial... lol

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answers from Dallas on

I know you said no MLM, but I wanted to say that I switched to Mary Kay after Bare Minerals quit selling the light color, then I went to Clinique who also stopped selling the light color and finally ended up using Mary Kay. I have been using their foundation for about 6 months now and have been really impressed.

The girl who sells to me is super sweet, not at all pushy and comes to my house (which with kiddos is very important to me).

Again I know you said no MLM but if you change your mind I would be happy to give you my girls contact info.

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answers from Sacramento on

I'm extremely fair (redhead) ... worn sunblock on my face daily almost my entire life.

If you want store brands, I recommend looking at L'Oreal. I've used a number of their foundations over the years. The one I'm currently using is their mineral powder foundation. It's in an extremely fair "Light" tone that doesn't look too yellow or too pink on me. Just right, natural. I truly have no natural coloring, so I suspect this would be a good match for you, too. Speaking of match, their True Match line also has a great light version if you prefer a liquid foundation.

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answers from Washington DC on

I am also very fair. The one that I have found and LOVE and have been using for almost 10 years now is from clinique. It's called almost makeup. It's very sheer, but its just enough to even out your skin tone. It feels very light and looks very natural. I think the one I use is even called "light". Give it a try and see if you like it. I love it!

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answers from Cincinnati on

i am pale as well (I mean sun burn in five minutes in the shade kinda pale) Have you tried a light tinted moisturizer instead of fondation and then covering with a light pressed powder? I have tried the almay smart shade like mamaduck suggested and found it gave me a yellow/orange tone.

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answers from Boston on

I am very fair as well and mix my own. I buy Neutrogena (and have bought others) and then mix it half and half with Oil of Olay SPF15 and put it in a small travel container, or an old cream jar. That way I can take a dollop of the beige stuff and smooth it all over my face without it giving too much coverage. My issues was not so much getting the correct color match, but that coverage is too heavy.

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answers from Miami on

clinique city block spf 25 -- it is like a tinted moisturizer and goes on very thinly and gives great sun protection. you can then use whatever powder suits you...i think clinique also makes a powder with an spf 15.. (i have no connection to clinique...just a fan :))

hope this helps.


answers from Kansas City on

I am pasty white too, and I use bareMinerals, I get it at Sephora or the bareMinerals store at the Mall we shop at an hour away.

They do sell it in either original or matte. I use original, in fair and fairly light. they are spf 15 also. They stopped making the fairly light (or so I was told in the bare Minerals store when I bought mascara last month,) so I will have to find another shade when I run out.


answers from Dallas on

Estee Lauder has a color called Paper. You can't get much lighter than paper!



answers from Dallas on

I'll second the Almay Smart Shade. It matches perfect but is so light weight. It is very easy to use also.



answers from Milwaukee on

I have the SAME problem. Try Bare Minerals. You can get it at Sephora and Ulta.



answers from Chicago on

Really Bare Escentials stopped making the ligth foundation? I use the fairly light and that is really light...... and I am fair skinned. There is one shade lighter than that...:)



answers from Dallas on

You would need to talk to a salesperson, but I've found that Merle Norman has excellent foundation shades for very fair skin. Most lines don't carry anything light enough for me, but I don't even wear Merle Norman's lightest shade!



answers from Washington DC on

Have you tried a tinted mouisturizer? I always felt I needed a full coverage, but a couple make-up counter reps recommended this, and I like it so much better. It evens me out and it doesn't ever look smeared as with foundation.

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