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Updated on October 29, 2008
A.I. asks from Chandler, AZ
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I need to make some extra money. My youngest will start pre-school in two weeks and I want to work from home with flexible hours. I do not want to do multi-level marketing. I am open to doing odd jobs. Any suggestions?

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Please check my website I will put it at the end. IT gives several ways to earn extra money. IF you put the word out to friends and family they may be able to help you come up with ideas. Also I am hosting a networking seminar on August 8th which would provide you with alot of options to determine which type of home business will match with you.

C. Willis



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I run a business from my home teaching others how to stay at home and become financially responsible/financially successful. If you are interested, please view my website: www.richtheasyway.com. Please contact me with any questions.



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Hi A.,

I can see you do not want to do multi-level marketing jobs and I can agree with you. Those are not fun and tend to be annoying. But I wanted to share with you this service I joined then, yes, I did become an employee. One of our referral sources introduced us to it (Dr. Sarraf) to use to send thank you's to our clients. Then I started to use it for my own personal use. I love the service so much and used it all the time. I really belive in it and it's so simple.

I speak passionately about it because you can actually use it instead of some of these other home-based businesses.

Check out my ad on mamasource.com (sendoutcards.com/cmg) or go to my website to see what I am selling.


Please contact me if you are interested.

[email protected]____.com



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I am looking for some dynamic outgoing ladies who are ready to make some positive changes to their lives!! I’m a single mom of 3 who is building a thriving business working from home, and I’m looking for some great ladies to join me. I’m not a distributor, this isn’t an MLM, and I’m not doing home parties. I represent a company with a 23 year old proven track record….this is the real deal! If you’re ready to begin investing some of your time now to create financial freedom for your family down the road, we need to talk! Visit my website at www.letsgomomma.com and I’ll contact you with more information. Or call me at ###-###-####. You have Nothing to Loose and Everything to Gain!

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