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Co-sleeping, Nursing, and Pregnancy

I recently posted about introducing a stuffed animal to my 13 month old to help in the SLOW transition to his crib. My reason for this is I am hoping to have him in his crib and possibly weaned (if not completely, at least partially) by the time he is 2 years old because that is when we want to start trying to conceive #2. While pregnant with my son, my breasts were VERY sore for quite awhile and sleeping was hard for me. I had to sleep elevated and it was really uncomfortable for me to move around. Because of this, I am concerned about...

Finding Out Sex

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To Find Out or Not to Find Out (The Sex)

I'm on a roll with questions the past few days :) We have one boy and one girl already. We found out the sex with both of them. With this pregnancy being such a huge surprise and shocker, I have been throwing around the idea to not find out the sex of this baby. Hubby is NOT on board with this, only because he says I am a control freak and have to have things planned. He thinks I couldn't last without knowing. He is probably right. Plus, he wants to know the sex. I don't see my OB for another 2 weeks, but after talking to him on the...