Wellbutron and Pregnancy

Updated on June 30, 2010
L.W. asks from Spring, TX
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So I recently got my IUD removed so that my husband and I can start trying for our second. I am currently on Wellbutron for anxiety, and it has worked really well. I asked the doctor if I need to get off it once I am pregnant and she said no I can stay on it through my entire pregnancy. I am having reservation in listening too her. Has anyone had a successful pregnancy while continuing on Wellbutron?

Thanks in advance!


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So What Happened?

Thank you moms for your reassurance in helping me to make my decision. It's always nice to hear others have been or are in the same boat with you! I will stay on the wellbutrin.

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answers from Houston on

I took antidepressant with both of my pregnancies. My children are fine. I had no problems with either. I would take it for your well being. If you want to take more about it feel free to post me.




answers from Houston on

I took Wellbutron (well, the generic version) throughout my pregnancy and while I nursed my daughter. She's 1 year old and seems to have turned out fine!!



answers from Killeen on

I took it throughout my 2nd pregnancy and while breastfeeding and my daughter did not suffer any short or long-term effects from it. If the risk of you having an anxiety attack without the meds is higher than the risk of harm to your baby, then I say take it. Babies need a healthy mom, physically AND mentally. There's a reason your doctor said you should stay on it. And it is one of the safest to take during pregnancy and BF.



answers from Los Angeles on

There was just a HUGE article about this in Science News June 5th edition - page 22 on Antidepressants and the Baby's Brain. It's not so much about a sucessful pregnancy, but rather the long-term effects on the baby's brain.


I took adrenal support during my pregnancies for depression and anxiety. I felt amazing and my kids don't have any issues as far as ADD, etc goes. Sometimes BioSpec's 5HTP works well, actually better, without the drug effects of the Wellbutrin. Diet and water plays a huge role in mental health, since epithelial cells that line the gut secrete serotonin, so maybe even an Amino Acid Complex can help manufacture enzymes, serotonin to help heal the issues rather than masking them with a drug?

PS I use to live in Spring, TX...is it getting humid yet? :)

If you have any questions, or can't locate the article, then feel free to contact me.



answers from Austin on

I took Welbutrin with both of my pregnancies, my psychiatrist did not recommend it during the first trimester though. My kids are both smart, kind and happy.



answers from Houston on

I am now 35 weeks pregnant and have just weaned off of my antidepressant Pristique. I felt tons of guilt taking them but have talked to so many doctors and researched them that I felt it was important to both me, my family and my unborn baby to be taking them. If I can tell you one thing to make you feel better, most of my doctors had mentioned to me they would have preferred me to take Wellbutron instead of Pristique during pregnancy. It's pretty safe and had good outcomes for mom and baby. The Pristique is different that the Wellbutron in that you have to be weaned off the last 4-5 weeks of pregnancy. I don't think you have to go off of Wellbutron.
Good luck and enjoy your life and baby!!!!



answers from Jacksonville on

I know of people who used different meds while pregnant...some were anxiety meds...and did just fine. I don't have a personal story, but I do know people who have had successful pregnancies and healthy babies while using some sort of RX med.

If you are uncomfortable, I would suggest researching people who have taken it while pregnant. You could always get a second opinion as well. In the end, it's your body, your baby, your health, so you need to be informed to make a personal decision that's right for you.


answers from San Antonio on

If you feel uncomfortable staying on it while pregnant, try herbal remedies.

This pregnancy has been horrible (I've had severe hyperemesis). So I've been super anxious and stressed out. I've also started suffering from depression. I hate taking medications during pregnancy, so my midwife suggested I take Holy Basil. This is an herbal remedy for depression and anxiety. It's helped tremendously!

Try it and see if it works for you. Good luck!


answers from Detroit on

When I was pregnant with my 2nd (he's 4 months old now) I took wellbutron the entire pregnancy so that I could quit smoking (its actually considered Zyban, I think). I had no bad side effects for either me or my unborn baby and it actually helped quite a bit with anxiety and mood swings during pregnancy. I was seeing a high risk doctor and I felt pretty confident that if he said it was ok, then I could trust him. I would recommend that you keep taking it, as your anxiety during pregnancy could be way worse for you.

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