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Heartburn Help

Well, I am begining my last 5 weeks of my third pregnancy and the heartburn is k...


Heartburn/Acid Reflux

A week ago I started having a burning feeling in my chest. I went to the doctor ...


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Hearburn Relief During Pregnancy

Before I found out I was pregnant two weeks ago I was taking the generic form of Prilosec everyday. I have stopped taking that, but my heartburn/acid r...

Maternity Leave

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At Wits End with Diaper Rash

My son has had a bad diaper rash off and on for over a month to the point that his but gets all red and almost raw. At times you would think we were ki...


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Pregnancy Heartburn

I'm in my third trimester and having way more heartburn than I did with my last pregnancy. I get super-thirsty during the day and it seems like water ...


Gassy 4 Month Old

My baby girl is the gassiest baby I've ever seen! I am breastfeeding exclusivel...

Sharing the News

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Lump Sensation in Throat During Pregnancy

This is my fifth pregnancy and I have this lump feeling in the base of my throat and I can feel part of the sensation spreading to my upper chest. If I...


Pregnancy Heartburn

My sister is experiencing indigestion for nearly a week. It makes it very diff...

Working while Pregnant

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Heartburn While Pregnant

Hi Mom's -- I am pregnant and experiencing heartburn really badly (especially at night) -- At times, its so uncomfortable I can't sleep. Anyone h...