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Faint Line on Ept Test?

I had sex more than 3 weeks ago and I am due for my period in a couple of days. My boyfriend did not finish inside me and I am feeling absolutely no symptoms of pregnancy.... I took the ept test where it shows a + or - symbol inside the circle and then the control line in the rectangle next to the circle. The control line was dark blue and there was a negative line, but it was faint looking, not as dark as the control line. Does this mean I could be pregnant or no? I am stressing out about this!!! I know these tests are not always accurate....


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What Is the Most Accurate Pregnancy Test??

i am pretty sure i am pregnant but i dont know which test to buy. i was going to buy the first response but then i heard it gives FALSE positives! anyone had this happen to you? then i was going to buy the EPT but i heard that one has evaporation lines? then i also was reading on a website that sometimes tests wont pick up the HCG hormone cause your breastfeeding. what the heck? so i could be pregnant and test but it will say im not. that isnt a help at all! i cant get a blood test done either cause i have no medical. anyone know of a full...

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Seeking Mom Who Have Miscarried

Im a 45 year old stay at home mom. about 4 weeks ago, we discovered I was pregnant.(shocked to say the least) Went to the dr heard the heart beat the dr was really worried that I would miscarry sure enough yesturday at my 5 year olds birthday party I did and I havent stopped bleeding since. Im trying to be calm but Im freaking out. Im more sad then I ever thought I would be. I will call the dr tomorrow morning. My husband is no comfort at all. Has anyone else been through this that could give me some of insight. Its really weird to think...


Do You Believe In...

Do you believe in 'God will never give you more than you can handle"? I...


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Faint Positive on EPT Test

My husband and I have been try for another baby since January. Had my period on New Years Eve, then I believe I got it again the first weekend in February. My husband says I have been really hormonal, and I have also been nauseated, a little dizzy, and really tired. (Though, the almost 2 year old could have something to do with being tired). I took a digital Clear Blue test on Saturday, it was negative. Took an EPT a couple days later, and I thought it was negative. This was around 9 am. Hubby cones over to me in the late afternoon after...

Working while Pregnant

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If You Have Ever Taken an Ept Test Apart?

I know your not supposed to take them apart but i have before and just a random question have you ever noticed 3 lines but it says negative? Or was it 3 lines and appeared to be positive? im talking | - | or | | | ( like that) of course there more spaced out..... thanks :-D It was a + - ept test ( blue dye) ive heard bad things about blue dyes too! With my son i took a 99 cent store one 1 day before my missed period the next day with a store brand


Could I Be Pregnant?

Hi, I am currently weaning my twelve month old son, and yesterday I got what...


Am I Pregnant

Ok so I took a test by first response and the negative line was dark and...