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Seeking Help with Pregnancy Rash on Face

I am pregnant with my 3rd child now and I have this rash around my mouth that i can't seem to get rid of. When I was pregnant with my second child I had the same rash that wouldn't go away until after I had her and then my skin was back to its clear self again, but now I am so frustrated on what to do. I am so self conscious about going into public feeling people are looking at my face and I don't want to just add creams to see what works. The rash seems to go down in the evening time and when I wake up in the morning but when I bath or...

Maternity Leave

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15 Month Old with Very Dry Skin

Hi Ladies, just wondering if any of you have experience with caring for a baby's very dry skin. I bathe him with dove senstive bar soap and I usually use aquaphor healing ointment a coulpe times a day to hydrate his skin, but it seems not to work so good anymore, not to mention I really love it when he smells good. But baby magic and johnsons lotions only makes his skin even dryer and more bumpy. I really dont know what type of products to use to impove the moisture in his skin. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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Looking for Hay Fever/Seasonal Allergy Relief That Is Safe for Pregnancy!

I've had seasonal allergies for as far back as I can remember, but I've never been pregnant during allergy season! This year seems more severe to me as I'm five months pregnant, and have constant itchy eyes, post-nasal drip, dry itchy throat, etc. Icky. It's really interfering with my daily activities, especially hanging out with my two year-old. I've been sleeping with out the air conditioning on, since that seems to dry things out a little too much, but am of course ridiculously hot am and either waking up from a dry throat or from...


Dealing with Eczema

I am the "momma" of a wonderful 9 almost 10 month old boy. He is having a...

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Expecting Our First Baby, Need ALL Sorts of Help!

My husband and I are expecting our first baby at the end of January. I just feel at lost for what to expect about anything and everything. We are so exciting about our baby, especially after trying for a while to get pregnant. I know there are so many moms out there with great pieces of advice, especially based off their own experience. Any advice or tips or suggestions for a first time mom to be would be greatly appreciated. Advice on how to prepare, what to expect, supplies or things I will for sure need vs things that are truly a...

Working while Pregnant

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My Pregnant Niece Has Eczema

My niece is six months pregnant and has developed eczema on her hands, arms and neck. We are hoping this has something to do with her being pregnant and will clear up after and not come back, shes never had it before. She has seen a doctor and was given some creams and lotions. I've looked up information online, but cant find if it has anything to do with being pregnant. Has anyone else ever experience this while pregnant. And was it only during pregnancy and not at any other time? Thanks for your help