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Need Recipies

C.E. asks from Las Vegas

My soon to be 15 year old daughter has chose to become a vegitarian. I support her even though many family members have not. But I am having a hard time finding yum...


Appropriate Music?

L.C. asks from Denver

I thought this would be a good companion to my other question about disliking kids music. What kinds of music do you think is appropriate for your child and do you e...


Bullying...To Hit Back or Not

K.O. asks from Washington DC

Hello everyone!! Here is my issue; I have a fourth grader who has been bullied all year long by the same child. I have been to school on numerous occasions talking t...


Daughter Cries - No One Talks to Her

P.T. asks from Chicago

Hi mom, I have a concern about my 8 yrs old daughter. She's in 3rd grade and is unfortunately with a group of tough kids I guess. She was talking to me yesterday and...


Good Diet Reicpes

L.L. asks from Tulsa

Ok, so my husband has finally agreed to go on a cruise. (yeah me. it only took 5 years) Anyways, we aren't going until next year, but we both have quite a bit of weig...


Mom Seeking Online College

C.S. asks from Dallas

Hey moms, I need some advice. I'm needing to take 6 hours of Business courses this summer to promote in my feild of employment. I would love to take them on line,...


Seeking Help with 6 Month Old Self Soothing

K.R. asks from Norfolk

I am a first time mom and since the day he was born I have rocked my little one to sleep. He is a good baby and it rarely takes more than 10-15 minutes to rock him an...


Getting My Daughter to Sleep in Her Crib

B.K. asks from Rapid City

I have a almost 4 month old daughter who has only slept in her swing since birth. I am trying to get her to sleep in her crib and it seems to be almost impossible. My...


School Questions

M.D. asks from Austin

We just received our child's end of year conference report from her teacher. She began First grade reading well past middle of first grade level. She is ending first ...


Three Girls Picking on My Daughter

S.J. asks from Des Moines

My daughter has three classmates that like to pick on her. She may bring some of this on herself because she's a super extrovert and it may bother some of the other ...