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Updated on April 04, 2012
H.M. asks from Boulder, CO
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2 Jobs

2 interview processes that have gotten to final stage.

1 job is WAH (officially) and wants someone to be the computer researcher. I did this work much earlier in my career - and while it has changed slightly - the gist is still the same. This company is small, has 6 people, has been in business for 25 years and did not have issue with my salary requirements.

2 job is based in CA (I live in CO and DO NOT PLAN to relocate) but they would allow me to work from home as an exception. Role very similiar to the one I am leaving - so familiar territory. THe company is mid sized but owned by a much larger, older company. No issue with my salary requirements and is very interested in me as they are willing to accommodate my virtual schedule.

Neither has made an offer but I'm already thinking of pulling the plug on the CA based job as I don't trust that they can handle my virtual status. I just received another email from them wanting to talk and firm up things and I'm just not sure I'm really into it.

I think I can sit at my current job for at least another month (on EIP and it runs out May 1) but I have no idea what will happen at that point. They could fire me - they could have me continue as I have been indefinitely - I really am clueless.

I just don't know what to do. I guess this is more of a ramble than anything else but what would you do? Entertain the offers? Take a job that might not work out? Wait around for something better to come up?

Both meet my salary requirements and I am skilled enough to do both jobs.

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answers from Kansas City on

Follow through with both until someone gives you an offer. Don't pull the plug may never know what can happen.

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answers from Dallas on

Wait, and don't do anything until you get an offer. If the other job doesn't offer, then you've really shot yourself in the foot. ALWAYS easier to turn down a job offer, then be unemployed.

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answers from Santa Barbara on

Heck yea, continue to "date" both companies and truly see if they are a good fit. Plan on negotiating to EXCEED your salary requirements!!

I could never work for a six person company and actually really appreciate global companies always with headquarters out of state. Good Luck!!

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answers from Dallas on

The benefits and opportunites from the large company will be much better. Your position could grow into something new and exciting, as you are breaking ground with them,

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answers from Dallas on

please don't pull the plug yet.....pursue both oppurtunities until you get an offer...and hopefully within the month so that you can quit your current job as opposed to waiting to see what they do with wouldn't that be a good feeling :-)

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answers from Terre Haute on

Where do you guys find these jobs? I have worked from home twice now, the first being very long and successful for a very small executive recruiting company doing anything and everything for them. Personally, I would go with my gut and go with the company I feel good about and am sure of. It sounds like the first job is familiar and comfortable with WAH employees and they know it works for them. The second in CA sounds like they will give it a try, but what happens if they decide they don't like the arrangement? That's just my opinion!



answers from Minneapolis on

Until you have a job offer in hand, both are only possibilities. I would follow through with both until you see if either or both give you an offer. Only after receiving an actual offer would I make a decision.


answers from Washington DC on

Why not explore your possible options until they become firm options and THEN decide?



answers from Columbia on

Don't burn bridges until you need to.

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