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Updated on July 28, 2011
N.F. asks from North Richland Hills, TX
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My husband is looking for a job and is considering using or Is it worth it? We will be moving out of state (from WA to Texas) and already his job search has been frustrating. Some places won't consider him because he doesn't currently live in Texas. I don't know the process for getting a job at a hospital... Through the military he works at one, but obviously didn't have to "apply" for the position. Any suggestions is GREATLY appreciated and personal experiences will help too :)

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answers from Denver on

I would use any services and assistance the military can provide. I think part of finding a job that requires some sort of credential (RN, LPN etc) is that it is clear (possibly in several places) that you are able to or able to quickly upon relocation get the state license you need in the place you are relocating to. I am looking at monster for my search but also finding some good stuff on

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answers from Redding on

If he wants to work at a hospital, he should contact the HR departments of the local hospitals in the area you're moving to. Explain that you're relocating.
Many hospitals have their open positions listed on there websites with a way to apply online.
If you have the zip code for the place you are moving to, you can google "jobs in 12345 zip code" and see what pops up. Also check to see if they have employment agencies that you register with. Many employers use them because it saves them getting a million applications for one position when there may be only a few truly good candidates for them to interview and choose from.
Google the Chambers of Commerce for the cities nearby. Many have an online listing of the businesses. Call the Chambers of Commerce and tell them you're relocating and ask for information about gaining employment. You might get some really great resources that way.

Best wishes.

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answers from Seattle on

I think that his chain of command would know more info about soldier to civilian life classes, or adjustment help. They may even help him find something in Texas hospital because he has knowledge, and experience in working in one.

He should look up numbers and information about the hospitals there, and see if they have openings and what not.

The VA is also a great source for help, you should definitely speak to a Representative and they can help you in so many ways. With jobs, housing, and etc. They have helped my husband and I very much, he just got out of the Army as well and they helped get him into college using his GI bill and also will hopefully soon be helping us get a house.

There are many people that he can talk to before he ETS's from the military. Have him ask his boss and see what they can do.

Best wishes to you and your family!

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answers from Milwaukee on


Also does you husband have a linked in account? Set one up and search for groups applicable to his field -linked in is the primary wau recruiters find candidates now.

Also posting resumes on monster etc is free so posr away- the more you are out there the easier it is to be found.

And then of course go to all the career sites for the places he is interested in and apply directly.

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answers from Eugene on

Yesterday on NPR there was a discussion about looking for a job. The man who called in to Talk of the Nation said he's given up on these sites and gone from person to person asking if they knew of something in his line. Though a contact he got a job after one year of looking.
Hospital jobs however are still in demand. Look for the specific hospitals within an hour's drive of where you will live. Then he should send his resume to each one whose site he likes. I worked in clinics for seven years when I was young. I always found a job since I am fluent in Spanish. That is one thing that will increase his ability to find work. It takes three months to learn Spanish and then practice, practice, practice to build the skill and increase his vocabulary. He should talk to Spanish speakers every chance he get which these days isn't hard.

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answers from Phoenix on

My husband's work used a lot. They found several employees that way.

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answers from New York on

If he's looking for a position at a hospital, I would just contact the human resourses department at the hospitals he's interested in and request information on their hiring practices and how to find out if there are any positions available. Another good place to check is the hospitals website.

I know many companies in our area use to advertise positions available.

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answers from Seattle on

I know many people who have found jobs on It can't hurt. When looking for a job you have to put yourself out there in many job seeking outlets. Good luck!



answers from Toledo on

I have used several times and was not impressed at all.. You are unable to find any jobs locally they are for more major cities then smaller ones.

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